PChome Thai, the largest source of Taiwanese products in Thailand, gives away 100,000 made-in-Taiwan masks


PChome Thai, Taiwan’s largest online platform and the largest source of Taiwanese products in Thailand, announced today that it will give away 100,000 Taiwan-made medical-grade masks from today till the masks are out-of-stock, as part of the prevention of the Covid-19 outbreak. PChome is starting this program to show support and concern for Thai people. All Thais are welcome to register at PChome Thai website (https://www.pchome.co.th/) to get free masks.

Mr. Wen-Hsiung Tsai, PChome Thailand’s managing director said “PChome Thai is deeply engaged in the local market. Both Thailand and Taiwan are our beloved lands. Taiwan’s success in epidemic prevention is witnessed by the world. As soon as the epidemic in Taiwan slowed down and the ban on the export of masks was lifted, we did our best to find high-quality Taiwan-made masks for Thai people, hoping to help them get through the epidemic and return to normal life as soon as possible. We are providing 100,000 Taiwan-made medical-grade masks for Thai people free of charge. We hope to make good use of our high-quality Taiwanese products and stress the benefit of cross-border e-commerce in times of crisis.”

“There are inconsistencies in the quality of masks available in the market and many people worry that their masks may not be fully protective. In Taiwan, people will check if the masks are made in Taiwan before purchasing. We have sourced high quality masks so Thai people can feel more secure when they live their daily lives,” Mr. Wen-Hsiung Tsai added

As PChome is the largest e-commerce group in Taiwan, PChome Thai is committed to promoting Taiwanese products in Thailand. With the appeal of “Taiwanese Products. High Quality. Happy Price.” it provides Thai people with more options.

During this pandemic, wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently are important in ensuring prevention of the spread of the disease. In this event PChome Thai will give away made-in-Taiwan high-quality masks to Thai people so they can protect themselves from the infection.

To get free masks, visit PChome Thai’s “Free Taiwan Masks – Taiwan Can Help” event page. All you need to do is register on PChome Thai website and request free masks (10 pieces per person) and pay less than 25 baht for shipping. For a chance to win a pair of  AirPods Pro, share PChome Thai’s free masks offer page, Click here:  https://www.pchome.co.th/epage/freemasktaiwancanhelp.html