RobinHoodSwap – Thailand’s first Charitable DeFi platform launches and expands globally, onboarding charity Organizations.


RobinhoodSwap is Thailand’s First Charitable DeFi platform which aims to recruit charitable projects from any source that generate positive impacts for the society without borders. The platform is welcoming philanthropical initiations regardless of nationality, colors, genders, or where it takes place.

RobinhoodSwap is where Prosperity meets Charity

“When you make money for yourself, that makes you human. But when you make money for someone else, that makes you a hero”  – RobinHoodSwap

RobinHoodSwap is a liquidity mining platform running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It aims to bring together a global community of crypto investors with an eagerness to give back. Its philosophy is simple; to provide a safe and easy to use platform where people can earn interest for holding their crypto while committing to the little act of selflessness through global charities.

As with other DeFi platforms, users can leverage their investment on RobinHoodSwap in return for RBH tokens. What makes RobinHoodSwap unique is that 5% of the allocation from the block rewards is donated directly to charity. Charitable organizations are selected by the RobinHoodSwap community with a monthly vote taken by all RBH token holders.

Why is Robinhood recruiting?

As its mission is to be a global charitable defi platform, RobinhoodSwap is seeking to support organizations and projects not only from its motherland, but also from far-reaching areas around the globe. Currently, the platform has been working with a number of organizations and projects in various areas listed from mental health and wellness, education, children and women protection, marginalized people, stateless people, human rights, animals and environment reservation, including pandemic and disaster relief programs. These are all in the platform’s pipeline; however, the defi platform still would like to expand its territory in terms of charity. It truly hopes to create an impact on the world. We and the next generations should live in a better world if we are reaching out to people who are in need more.

Who is already under its umbrella?

Currently, RobinhoodSwap is working with Socialgiver which is a lifestyle platform that allows you to give back to society while enjoying your life with varieties of voucher deals and donations for the Spread the Love project which helps alleviate the unfortunate consequences. In addition, RobinhoodSwap has just reached an agreement with Devcurate, a leading career innovation and social impact ecosystem as its “Impact Curation ” partner. Devcurate helps purpose-driven organizations connect with talent with its new-age hiring solutions globally. Under this partnership, two leading social-impact organizations were welcome as beneficiaries.  Amnesty International Thailand, a global movement of more than 10 million people who take injustice personally and campaign for the world where human rights are enjoyed by all, and ‘CARE International Thailand (Raks Thai Foundation), which promotes strong communities and assists the disadvantaged in society in order to strengthen the capacity of grassroots and disadvantaged communities.