Zen Corporation Group save the environment with paper food packaging

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Zen Corporation Group Plc , Thailand leader in restaurant business urge to use paper food packaging in order to save the environment, pilot with using paper food packaging with its chain restaurants.   

The main focus of the company is to adapt the business according to the customer behavior that always need the convenient. Apart from that Zen Corporation Group Plc also aware of the environment by using paper food packaging instead of use the foam cups or plastic container because they contain toxic that harmful to consumers. Moreover the plastic container cause to the environment issues such as the increasing of the world’s garbage because they are difficult to crumble. Therefore paper packaging are crumble easily and be able to recycle as well.

ZEN Corporation Group aware of the important of using the paper packaging that proper for each type of food. Recently start to use the paper packaging with 3 restaurants including Tummour, Musha and Khiang by using with delivery and to-go food. However in the future company plans to use the paper packing for other restaurants as well. In particular ZEN aims to be part of the circular economy by using the products that environment friendly especially able to recycle. Also will encourage the consumer’s behavior change to be more environment conscious.

 “The awareness of environment is very important so we aim to support and push up to help environment. However the using of paper food packaging is not for save the environment only it also save the food. We are always concern in the key elements that we like to serve to customer: taste, quality and safe. So the proper using of packaging is important that we need to aware of” Mr.Boonyong Tansakul, Chief Executive Officer of Zen Corporation Group Plc said

Nowadays the increasing of plastic garbage is more than 2 ml. tons per year in Thailand or 12% of the whole garbage. Especially more than 1 ml. tons that was dropped into the ocean, most found is plastic garbage including plastic bag 13%, straw 10%, plastic cap 8% and food packaging 8%. Therefore people should aware of using the paper packaging to save our environment.

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