KPI supplies Home Isolation Box to COVID-19 patients


Krungthai Panich Insurance Public Company Limited (KPI) has created 260 “Home Isolation Boxes”, worth of more than 263,000 baht, to deliver care and support to COVID-19 patients staying at home, helping reduce the burden on medical professionals and frontline staff in the initial care of patients. The Home Isolation Box is being given to KPI partners, businesses, agents, employees and their families who are isolating at home with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

Dr. Pongpanu Damrongsiri, President at Krungthai Panic Insurance Public Company Limited, said, “KPI is aware of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and many of those around us have been infected. We aim to help patients with mild symptoms who are isolating at home, known as the green group of COVID-19 patients, take care of themselves by providing them with Home Isolation Boxes which contain medical supplies and necessities. These have been developed under the supervision of pharmacists and should to reduce the burden on all medical staff. By work together we will get through these difficult times.”

Home Isolation Boxes

On August 6, KPI began distributing 260 Home Isolation Boxes containing medical essentials to COVID-19 patients isolating at home with mild or no symptoms. Boxes are only sent to patients who are under 60 with no underlying diseases, or those in the queue for a hospital bed.

Inside the Home Isolation Box, patients find useful support tools for their illness including a fingertip oximeter, a thermometer, paracetamol, andrographis paniculata herbal medicine, mucolytic medicine, cough medicine, saline nasal wash set, surgical mask, and alcohol spray. The box also includes user guides , a home quarantine guide, and information for emergency assistance from various agencies.