Thai Prime Minister to Discuss COVID-19 Situation and Economic Impact with Leading CEOs


Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will meet 40 leading business executives on 21 July to discuss the COVID-19 situation and its economic impact on the country.

According to Government House’s published work schedule, Gen Prayut will hold a video conference with 40 CEOs from 2.20pm, during which they will discuss progress in efforts to contain COVID-19 and related issues.

A group of leading businessmen, known as “40 CEOs Plus”, recently held a meeting to brainstorm what the government should and shouldn’t do as a new lockdown approached. After the meeting, the group proposed that the government partially lockdown only areas where the COVID-19 situation is very serious, while speeding up the inoculation of the population.

The group also advised the government to prepare more hospital beds for more COVID-19 patients, adopt home isolation for those infected with no or mild symptoms and improve access to COVID-19 tests, by making rapid test kits available at reasonable prices.