10DK introduces new innovation, the first of its kind in Thailand, to simplify home and condo decoration using “fit-in” furnishings from stop to finish through 10DK mobile app, which offers one-stop service

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Ms.Preechaya  Chavalittumrong, General Manager of 10DK Limited, Thailand’s first total decoration package and fit-in furnishing service provider for luxury condominiums, introduces a new platform, 10DK application, which offers one-stop service for users to find the right design at the tip of their finger. Through the 10DK app, users can choose their preferred package, design, get approval and monitor progress through real-time tracking, sign contract and complete the project conveniently. This innovation offers a new user experience for home decoration that is quick and convenient through just one app. Download 10DK app today by searching “10DK”  in App Store for iOSand Play Store on Android. For more information, call 086-333-7747, or visit www.10dkbangkok.com,Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/10dkbangkok/  IG : 10dk_bangkok  ID LINE : @10dkbangkok.

What is 10DK? 

10DK is Thailand’s first room stylist & decorist offering total decoration package for luxury condominiums, using innovation to complete user experience.

The essence of 10DK is Condominium Interior & Innovation Specialist utilizing “fit-in” furniture specially designed to fit every corner of the room. Today, 10DK has taken another step forward by introducing 10DK application, an innovation which will simplify the process and ensure the user gets the design of their dream.

10DK begins with taste and personal preference test. Everyone can find the right design for them as they can choose everything from bed and lamp to wallpaper. The style varies to suit every preference, such as Modern Elegance, Timeless Classic, Rustic and more. Even if you are not a 10DK customer, you can also enjoy browsing through the possibilities.

If you are a 10DK customer, the test can help you find the right design for you. This solves the common communication problems between customers and designers. For instance, the definition of “Modern Loft” may not be the same for the customers and designers. This test can help minimize this mismatched expectation.

The idea behind 10DK app

10DK app is developed to address pain points of time-strapped users who cannot afford to meet with designers and follow up, or find documentation process difficult and complicated. 10DK app offers one-stop service to help users handle every process in one app. Everything is documented and systematically stored, so customers can track the progress in real time.

Highlight features of 10DK app

10DK presents every service offered by 10DK in one app, from taking a quiz to find your right design to signing contract and monitoring progress. Every service is offered systematically, using technology to facilitate every step. You can work on your project anywhere, anytime, through your phone.

10DK app begins with a test on your taste and preference before showing the design that suits you. This feature is open to everyone, not just 10DK customers. You can choose the design that fits your preference, and the information can also help reduce mismatched expectations between customers and designers.

The app offers real-time tracking, which means every step is updated to show the progress of the project, from data collection and design to construction. 10DK customers can access toe progress from anywhere, anytime, without having to come to the room. The 10DK team will track and upload the progress online until completion. An example of how this feature is useful is a foreign customer who lives abroad but has a unit at MahaNakhon – he relied on 10DK to decorate the room, and from start to finish, he never had to come to the actual room. This is the new phenomenon in condominium decoration.

Features of 10DK

10DK app is free, and initial features are open to all users. You can install the app and take the quiz to choose your favorite bed, mirror, sofa, lamp, wallpaper, and more, to find the style that suits you. Next, the app will assess your design as Classic, Rustic, Modern Loft, or others.

Once you have discovered your style, if you are a 10DK customer, you can access other features by logging in using their username and password, which will be provided after you’ve agreed on a project with 10DK.

How to use

1.Getting Started

Once the app is initiated, you will see a style quiz which is open to both customers and general users. You can choose your favorite bed, living room, lamp, sofa, and others. After that, the app will sum up your design as Classic, Rustic, Modern Loft, or others.

Now that you have the right design, if you are a customer, you can log in using your username and password. Once logged in, you can see your project(s).

 The style and package is based on what the customer has agreed with 10DK. Then, the team will upload the project on the app.


Once 10DK has finished the design, it will be uploaded for the customer to approve. The customer will receive a notification when the sketch is uploaded.

The customer can send their comments through the app (and the app will pass the message to 10DK team). The sketch can be adjusted twice before finalising and confirmation.

3.Contract & Materials

For contract and materials, the customer can sign a contract with 10DK and save the documents in PDF then upload them on the app. The app will store the documents for easy reference.


The app will give details on each step, and 10DK will upload pictures of the progress, while the app will calculate the percentage of completion.


Once completed, the app will put all the pictures in a gallery so the customer can use or share them in the future.

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