An Unforgettable Menu Under “THE JAPANESE INFLUENCE” Theme Co-Created by ‘Upstairs at Mikkeller’ and ‘Elements’ at the Final MICHELIN Guide Dining Series of 2019


The fourth and final MICHELIN Guide Dining Series for the year 2019 featured a special culinary collaboration between French Chef Hans Zahner of Elements and Korean Chef Dan Bark of Upstairs at Mikkeller, on a 10-course menu under “The Japanese Influence” theme, highlighting Japan as a link between their respective cooking styles. This exclusive private event took place on two consecutive nights at Elements – a signature restaurant of The Okura Prestige Bangkok.

The two chefs, both helming one-MICHELIN-star kitchens, together created cross-cultural dishes that emphasized balance, precision, and technique – perfectly paired with fine wines from the famed Château de Beaucastel that come from heritage vines grown in the Southern Rhône valley of France. Menu highlights included the King Crab, Kalamansi Coconut, Japanese Cucumber, and the Wagyu Beef Tartare, Fermented Beets and Cured Yolk by Upstairs at Mikkeller; as well as the Kaviari Kristal, Boudeuse oyster and Mimosa garnish, and the Norwegian Langoustine with Kuro Ninniku (Japanese aged black garlic) by Elements. All invited guests concluded the evening with delectable desserts: Japanese Autumn by Elements, and Mango with Sesame, Kaffir Lime, and Basil by Upstairs at Mikkeller.

MICHELIN Guide Dining Series is a series of highly exclusive, invitation only, quarterly curated gastronomic collaborations between chefs of MICHELIN-star restaurants – allowing them to demonstrate their individual personalities and culinary prowess in creating new menu items under a specific theme that push them beyond the boundaries of their usual repertoire; as well as providing guests with remarkable dining encounters. Future events next year, however, will avail the general public of the rare opportunity to enjoy these extraordinary dining experiences as well. Food enthusiasts should not miss! Stay tuned for more details.