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Bangkok organizes the city’s first BIG TALK


A gathering to skip the small talk and make meaningful connections If you had 24 hours left to live, who would you be with in 23 hours? If money was no issue, how would you spend your time? What is something new you recently tried and enjoyed?

These are just some of the questions that will be shared and answered during the debut of Bangkok’s BIG TALK session titled “End of Small Talk: Bangkok Big Talk “on March 14th at The Hive co-working space, Sukhumvit Soi 49, organized by BNOW.org, a Bangkok-based social enterprise whose mission is to link and inspire people.

According to BNOW.org’s founder Pacharee Pantoomano, BIG TALK is a social experiment and video project started by Kalina Silverman in 2014, who wanted to see what could happen if she skipped the small talk to have deeper conversations with people instead. The emotional stories people shared with her have inspired her to work on growing BIG TALK into a global movement.

“This resonated with me. I was so inspired and motivated by the impact BIG TALK has had on communities around the world and how it connected strangers that I decided to organize one in my city,” said Pacharee.

The questions are universal, open-ended and meaningful. Anyone can answer these questions which elicits more than just a yes/no response and provides an opportunity for people to hear a story. It skips the small talk and allows people to delve beneath the surface through asking these questions.

The evening will kick off with a short and engaging discussion with two Bangkok-based coaches who will explain the benefits of BIG TALK and why it should be included in our daily lives. This will be followed by guests breaking out into groups for the BIG TALK, drawing a card with a question and sharing their answer.

Alessandra Marazzi, is a certified coach, facilitator, Mindfulness educator, entrepreneur, founder and program creator of theresiliencepath.com and Ann Wiame is the founder of STANDcoach.com, a soul-nourishing life coach and a trained MMS (Motivation Management Service) life coach.

“The question “big talk or small talk” makes us question where we are intentionally putting our attention to and how we re-direct the flow of energy. If big talk means that we consciously direct our energies towards meaningful exchanges with the intention of bringing us closer to each other, then it can be transformational”, said Alessandra.

“To engage in a big talk requires bravery, which is an act of fearlessness. With big talk, we can have true conversation with ourselves or others. Yes, there may be some embarrassment when sharing answers, this humble feeling gives us the possibility to connect with ourselves and others,” added Ann.

“End of Small Talk: Bangkok Big Talk” will be held on March 14th 2018 during 6.30pm-9pm at The Hive co-working space, Rooftop Garden Floor on 6th floor, Pimarn 49, Sukhumvit Soi 49. Early bird tickets are THB 350 until March 13th and THB 500 at the door. Tickets include a snack box and can be purchased from Eventbrite.com. For details, email info@bnow.org or call 02-105 4217