Bixo FinTech expands into Thailand as part of its aggressive launch in Asia


Headquartered in London, UK, Bixo FinTech Ltd. plans to penetrate Thailand and the Asia region by offering its Forex and Cryptocurrency trading platform and other next-gen financial solutions to its clientele.

“Since June 2018, we have been perfecting our AI-based services, and we are now delighted to introduce, our initial offer, to those in Thailand, who are interested to learn, invest and trade in forex and cryptocurrencies.  So far, we have over 100,000 people from Thailand joining our Bixotrade platform with Mr. Songkran Dut as being the most active member, and the top agent of Bixo Trade,” revealed Mr. James Bernard, CEO & Director of Bixo FinTech Ltd.

“In addition, we have exciting plans for the future.  In 2022, we will launch our Bixo Pay in January followed by Bixo Money in February.  In May, we will see the implementation of Bixo Mining, and Bixo Invest in August while Bixo Coin and Bixo Cash will come online in February 2023 and August 2023, respectively.  As you can see, we aim to become a significant global multi-faceted financial player within the next couple of years”, he added.

Although Bixo FinTech Ltd. has registered subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the US, it also has a representation network worldwide.  The company has garnered a total investment of US$5 billion funded through Venture Capital, and currently, has over 5 million “members”, who are participating in one of three Bixo Trade packages.

Package 1 requires a minimum investment of only US$100 and a maximum of US$4,999 to receive a daily profit of up to 1.50% for 200 days.  For those wishing to gain a profit of 1.75% or a 2% profit per day, investors can buy into either Package 2 or Package 3, which calls for a minimum investment of US$5,000 or US$25,000, respectively.  All packages are valid for 200 days only with a guaranteed return on principal.

“It may sound too good to be true, but with our professional team of financial advisers, market analysts and support staff with countless years of experience coupled with our AI capabilities, we are able to offer such healthy returns”, added Mr. Bernard.

Members of can also receive various complimentary benefits such as access to a computer-based community networking system to help communities worldwide by supporting, augmenting and extending already existing social networks as well as career and financial consultancy services.