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Central Group announces acquisition of Big C Vietnam in partnership with Nguyen Kim


Central Group and Nguyen Kim Group officially announced the acquisition of Big C Vietnam at 920 million euro.

Tos Chirathivat ,Chief Executive Officer of Central Group stated, “Central Group and Nguyen Kim Group have officially acquired Big C Vietnam which has been operated for more than 18 years. Big C Vietnam has 43 stores nationwide – which are 33 hypermarkets, 10 convenience stores and 30 shopping malls. The total revenue in 2015 is approximately 586 million euro.”

Tos Chirathivat

Central Group Vietnam was founded in 2011 with its strong business partner ‘Nguyen Kim’. With the good business relationship, Central Group Vietnam and Nguyen Kim are very successful. They continue to expand the business, and finally acquired Big C Vietnam.

Big C VN -photo

The acquisition well represents the strength of Central Group’s will to expand and keep expanding their business in Asia.