Central Pattana unveils ‘Central Village’ to be the First International Luxury Outlet in Thailand, aiming to support Thailand as the top shopping destination in Southeast Asia


Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN), Thailand’s leading retail and property developer, is today announcing its new business format with new branding ‘Central Village – Bangkok Outlet Experience’, the First International Luxury Outlet in Thailand, aiming to support Thailand as the top shopping destination in Southeast Asia.At a prime location near Suvarnabhumi Airport, the new luxury outlet with more than 235 boutiques will offer international and local brands at 35-70% discount everyday all year round. Comprising of a comprehensive range of offerings including luxury boutiques, restaurants, travel concierge, supermarket and international-branded hotel to meet the lifestyle of all target groups.  The 5 billion baht project has a modern Thai architectural design that incorporates the joy of nature and outdoor experience.  It hopes to attract both local and international shoppers with the new market segment – the ‘Young Affluent’ in Asia, who loves world-famous brands.  The opening is expected in the third quarter of 2019.  

MsWallaya Chirathivat, Chief Development Officer of CPN, said: “The launch of Central Village, which is a new retail format by CPN, marks an important step forward to creating  a genuine luxury outlet shopping experience that has never been offered before in Thailand.  It is the first format of its kind in the country. This initiative project together with other CPN shopping centers nationwide will enhance a truly complete shopping experience for Thais and international tourists that makes Thailand’s retail industry better-rounded.  This is in line with the government’s policy to make Thailand the top tourist and shopping destination in Southeast Asia.  More than 5 billion baht is being invested in this retail project, which has a gross leasable area (GLA) of 40,000 m2, located on a 100-rai land plot near Suvarnabhumi Airport.  Central Village is one of CPN’s key strategic moves and will be a new brand in CPN’s portfolio, underlining CPN’s position as one of the global players in Asia.  The project is expected to open in the third quarter of 2019.”

MrPakorn Partanapat, Chief Operating Officer of CPN, said: “I believe that Central Village will create a genuine luxury outlet shopping experience for the first time in Thailand as the project sets itself apart on four key points.  First is the variety of luxury brands and products.  Central Village will offer more than 235 local and international boutiques, with a wide range of offerings ranging from luxury fashion, electronics, kitchenware, toys and home decoration items.  It also offers imported brands and products by Central Group.  It will respond to the needs of customers of all genders, ages and nationalities.  Second is the price, which is an important factor in luxury outlet shopping.  Discounts of 35-70% will be offered at Central Village every day and customers will not have to wait for seasonal sales or go abroad to shop at cheaper prices.  Third is our customercentric service and facilities, which will ensure that a comprehensive range of services at a class of those offered by leading shopping centers and beyond. A wide range of facilities will be available, including restaurants, tourist assistance services, a playground, a international-branded hotel, and a supermarket. Fourth is the prime location, situated near Suvarnabhumi Airport, which ranks one of the highest traffic in Southeast Asia, having accommodated more than 55 million travelers in 2017.  It is also one of the top ten airports in Asia as ranked by the ‘World’s Top Airports’.  The expansion of Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2020 is expected to raise the airport’s capacity to accommodate as many as 60 million travellers per year,” said Mr. Pakorn.

“We are building a new shopping platform that will respond to Asia’s growing trend of people who love world-famous brands, driven by the increasing purchasing power of the ‘Young Affluents’, which is a new segment being targeted by global brands.  These people are young and have achieved early in their lives.  They are seen as ‘smart shoppers’ and ‘quality seekers’ and tend to buy high-quality products that offer great value. They are ‘selfrewarding’ and ‘status hunters’, who often share their lifestyle on social media & in society.  Furthermore, with the launch of Central Village, we aim to help promote Thai designer brands and help boost Thai fashion industry to gain global recognitions.  We want consumers to get a chance to try world famous brands and change their ‘like’ to ‘love’, encouraging these consumers to be loyal customers to the brand in the future,” added Mr. Pakorn.

Our main target group will be 65domestic Thai residents and expats nationwide and             35tourists.  In 2017, there were 35 million foreign tourists visiting Thailand.  Chinese tourists made up the majority of them as they have taken to traveling in recent years and also spend a lot while traveling, as well as tourists from AEC.  The prime location of Central Village near Suvarnabhumi Airport also makes it very convenient to visit, making it ‘A-Must- Visit Shopping Destination to complete your trip’ before heading to the city or traveling back to the airport.  We aim to attract more than 6 million Thais and foreigners a year to boost local tourism and promote Thailand as a ‘worldclass shopping destination’ in this region,” said Mr. Pakorn.

“For Thailand, we see potential in the market of people with high purchasing power who like to travel abroad and buy world-famous brands.  We also see a growing trend of people who prefer shopping world-famous products in Asia.  CPN is an expert in developing shopping centers – especially the outdoor mall format.  This can be seen in the immense success of CentralFestival EastVille, which has green space that allows shoppers to relax in a pleasant environment under shade.  We will be the first to offer a world-class luxury outlet shopping experience in Thailand with a project that has modern Thai architectural design, the appeal of nature and excellent use of outdoor space.  People will visit not only for shopping but also for relaxing in an enjoyable environment with many spots for taking the perfect selfie.  In addition, we have also collaborated with a world-class global outlet shopping consultant that has great experience in developing popular world-class outlet malls in Japan and Taiwan,” said Ms. Wallaya.

“We’re committed to bringing a unique experience to both Thais and foreign tourists.  Central Village is strategically located as it is only 10 minutes away from the international airport. It is convenient for tourists to visit because they can just stop by Central Village before heading to the city or on their way to the airport. Bangkokian can conveniently travel to Central Village as it is only 45 minutes away from the downtown area via the Expressway and main roads.  The location is also a gateway to the Eastern region, with more than 200,000 cars passing through the Bangna-Trad road daily, or 75 million cars annually. Central Village is only 75-90 minutes from Pattaya.  In addition, there is also a government’s future infrastructure development project, the planned extension of Suvarnabhumi Airport and the skytrain project, all of which will help make traveling to Central Village easy and convenient.  Unlike any other luxury outlets in the world, Central Village will have a uniquely Thai ambience and Thai-style services that will impress the tourists around the world” says Ms. Wallaya.

Central Village – Bangkok Outlet Experience, will offer the first international luxury outlet in Thailand.  It will be a new shopping paradise for both Thais and foreigners from all over the world, helping Thailand to truly become the best tourist and ultimate shopping destination in Southeast Asia.  More than 235 boutiques will be available, complemented by a wide range of facilities including café and restaurants, an international-branded hotel, and a playground – all in an outdoor environment that masterfully incorporates the ambience of nature and modern Thai architectural design. You will be able to enjoy shopping for world famous brands at surprisingly delightful discounts everyday.