CNN’s Richard Quest experiences the spirit of Bangkok on Quest’s World of Wonder

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five brown wooden boatsOn the latest episode of Quest’s World of Wonder, CNN anchor and correspondent Richard Quest travels to the heart of Thailand to visit the dazzling metropolis of Bangkok. 

Quest starts his journey on the streets of the city, to get a taste of some of the best roadside eats in the region.  He stops by one of the finest spots in town to meet the woman at the helm – Jay Fai – and taste her famous crab omelette. Jay Fai is the sole chef at the eatery, and her cooking has earned her a Michelin star. He then joins chef Kwantip Devakula – who goes by Chef “Pom” – in the kitchen for a lesson in authentic Thai cooking and an introduction to the country’s food culture.

It’s then off for a boat ride on the Chao Phraya River, which flows through the centre of Bangkok, to meet one of the country’s most recognized and loved TV hosts, Woody Milintachinda. Milintachinda explains how intrinsic the river is to the DNA of the city, shares his insights on the qualities that define Thai culture, and teaches Quest the art of the Thai greeting.

Thailand is famous for its massages. After experiencing the benefits first-hand, Quest visits the Wat Pho Massage School. The school is located inside the grounds of the Wat Pho Buddhist temple in Bangkok, home to about 300 monks. Here, Quest has the honour of meeting The Most Venerable Phra Debvajracarya Thiab Malai, the deputy abbot of the temple, and receives a personal tour to Wat Pho’s famous reclining Buddha. The Venerable teaches Quest about the role of Buddhism in Thailand and guides him through a meditation session.

Finally, Quest takes a trip to the House of Heals, a bar home to Bangkok’s leading drag queen Pangina Heals. Heals gives Quest an insight into Thailand’s LGBTQ+ community and its often misunderstood third gender. She also teaches Quest about the art and beauty of drag, and even shows him how to strut in high heels.

Quest’s World of Wonder

Airtimes for 30-minute special:

Saturday, 22nd January at 9:30pm HKT

Sunday, 23rd January at 3:30pm HKT

Monday, 24th January at 10:30am HKT

Saturday, 29th January at 2:30pm HKT

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