COVID-19: By the end of May, most world airlines will be bankrupt

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COVID-19: By the end of May, most world airlines will be bankrupt

By the end of May-2020, most airlines in the world will be bankrupt. Coordinated government and industry action is needed – now – if catastrophe is to be avoided. As the impact of the coronavirus and multiple government travel reactions sweep through our world, many airlines have probably already been driven into technical bankruptcy, or are at least substantially in breach of debt covenants.

OVID-19 shock hits US airlines, but there is no blueprint to follow

As the country’s largest airlines American, Delta and United navigate the effects of the ban, they are also likely being forced to examine their long term view of how they plan to rebound once the pandemic is over. With US and world markets continuing to get pummelled, those airlines may need to change their judgement that COVID-19 is a “fear event” rather than an “economic event”.

COVID-19 Aviation Impact: CAPA Daily Update 13-Mar-2020

Available Monday to Friday, CAPA’s new daily Coronavirus and Aviation global update aims to help our industry navigate through the COVID-19 crisis by providing up to date analysis, news and data on the evolving situation and its impact to our industry.