Ctrip’s First Oversea Gourmet List Ceremony held in Bangkok


Ctrip is the largest online travel agent in Asia and the second largest in the world. Ctrip’s independent gourmet brand and most influential food rating system held the First Oversea GourmetList Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand. The 2018 “Taste the City” Food List was released at the ceremony.

“Bangkok is an important city in South East Asia with Thai cuisine reflecting food diversity and inclusiveness. It is the gastronomical capital of local delicacies and boutique cuisine, expressing the rich gourmet culture of Southeast Asia,” said Kimi Liu, CEO of Ctrip Gourmet List.

Ctrip Gourmet List was launched in 2016 to provide travelers with easy-to-access food and restaurant recommendations and convenient on-line table booking in major cities around the world. By the end of 2017, Gourmet List covers approximately 15,000 restaurants in 120 popular destinations both in China and around the world. Ctrip Gourmet List has seen triple-digit growth since its launch and continues to rapidly expand the number of restaurants and destinations on its platform.

303 restaurants made it onto the “Taste the City” Food List of Bangkok, with 9 “Ctrip Star” restaurants (2 two-star and 7 one-star), 206 “Ctrip Selected” restaurants and 88 “Ctrip Flavor” restaurants. These restaurants were jointly selected by 16 gastronomic committee members, 500 personal judges and 1500 gourmet hunters. Among them, the Ctrip Gourmet Two-Star restaurant Gaggan also won the first honor in the “TOP50 Best Restaurants in Asia” List during the first half of 2017.

Nearly 100 guests and local restaurants attended theCtrip Bangkok Gourmet List Launch Ceremony. The Tourism Authority of Thailand,China National Tourist Office in Bangkok, China Eastern Airlines Bangkok Office,China Southern Airlines Bangkok Office, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Bangkok Office, Thailand Beijing Chamber of Commerce and other representatives attended the event. Mr. Kimi Liu, CEO of Ctrip Gourmet List was delighted to have support from official organizations in China and Thailand.

According to Ctrip’s 2017 Outbound Travel Report, one-fifth of all Chinese outbound travelers visited Thailand in 2017. “As more Chinese travel to South East Asia, the awareness of local specialties and well-known local restaurants will offer travelers a perfect entry point into not just a wonderful gastronomical experience but a greater understanding and respect for local cuisine culture,” said Kimi Liu.

Gastronomy and cuisine is part of the sustainable development of travel, tourism and people-to-people exchanges. “Food culture needs a process of recognition and acceptance. Ctrip Gourmet List is not just about introducing Chinese tourists to the delicacy of worldwide cuisine but also delivering the uniqueness of Chinese food culture to the world. We value the evaluation system from foreign institutions and as Ctrip provides a Chinese cuisine rating system, another perspective would enable more travelers to experience the food culture of the world,” said Kimi Liu, CEO of Ctrip Gourmet List.