DBS Denla British School Provide Fee Discount and Revises Policy not to Increase Tuition Fees to Alleviate Parents’ Burden Amid COVID-19 Pandemic in Accordance with the DBS Stronger Together Campaign


The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has had a major impact on the Thai and global economy. Consequently, one of the businesses that is directly affected is education, especially international schools.

DBS Denla British School, as one of the leading international schools providing an Enhanced British curriculum, has also been impacted by the situation when the government ordered all schools to be temporarily closed. Students and teachers alike had to adapt to the distance learning via an online platform instead. The most important group of individuals who contribute to the successful implementation of this new type of teaching and learning are the parents, who will be assisting their children at home so that they can learn smoothly.

The DBS Board of Directors led by Asst. Prof Dr Toryos and Dr Temyos Pandejpong, sons of Mr. Arn Pandejpong, the founder of the Denla School Group and experienced in education for over 40 years; and the Senior Management Team, led by Mr Mark McVeigh, DBS Principal, have therefore approved significant changes to the fees policy in accordance with the DBS Stronger Together campaign that has reflected the collective positive attitude of the DBS community towards the Covid-19 epidemic. There will be a 30% discount applied for the 3rd term tuition fee payment of the current academic year to all families for as long as the distance learning continues. As for tuition fees for the next academic year, all leading international schools increase their tuition fees on an annual basis to cover their increased costs. However, DBS is well aware of the present situation and understands the economic impact that parents may be facing, and has therefore decided to oppose this trend and freeze the increase of tuition fees for the 2020-21 academic year, even though the school has to meet rising costs in its determination to maintain a world-class quality education environment.

“We are well aware that subsequent months will probably be rough for most people, but I am confident that if we apply sense, patience, and perseverance, we will be able to ride out this storm together and experience everything going back to normal again. DBS Stronger Together”, concluded Dr Temyos Pandejpong, DBS Board of Directors, after the Board approved the resolution with the hope that the reduction in tuition fees and putting a freeze on the 2020-21 tuition fees increase will help ease the economic impact on parents during these times.