“Dropzone Festival Bangkok 2018” The Largest Electronic Music Festival in Asia


The greatest fun electronic music festival, which has debut in Thailand and Asia. for the first time have successfully closed its curtain. The event offered the perfect combination of sound, art, hi-tech video games and films in a beautifully manner. Over 10,000 of fans had joined in daily and indulged in the extraordinary ambiance at “Dropzone Festival Bangkok 2018”. For the first chapter: Apocalypse held during March 2nd -3rd, 2018, the organizer had lined up world-class Dj’s who gathered to offer the best rave experiences along with top European Light & Sound Production giant that are guaranteed with awards and portfolios from various international music festival, burning the stage on fire at Wonderworld Extreme Park.

The event was divided to three main stages; THE STATION, THE ARMORY and THE CORE, the fun started from 14.00 hrs. when two main stages THE STATION and THE ARMORY jam on head-to head for fans to join in and dance to many kinds of music from EDM, Techno, Trance, Trap etc. THE ARMORY brought its signature weapon with heavy bass and drop for Trunt soldiers with Djs line up such as Cauto, Wanton Witch, Paka, DJ Sunny, Dirtcaps, Caked Up, Getter, DBSTFN, Tantany, Breaker Bish, Henri, Secret Weapon, RayRay, Gent & Jawns, UZ, A-Trak, Kill The Noise andMiss K8

While THE STATION stage raved on with deep beats from Fabian Dresens, Edward Surton, Dennis Ascolii, Hosca, Headbirds, Pan – Pot, Ekception, Dan Buri, Atzar Live, Soi Dogs, Coran, Mendy Indigo, Marco Carol and Xhin on a relaxing grass ground, drawing a large screaming from EDM hardcore fans all night long. Last but not least, THE CORE that came last but was totally worth the wait, especially from female fans who dressed to kill for the theme at the generator stage along with Audiomancer army such as 22Bullets, Futuristic Polar Bears, Thomas Gold, Otto Knows, Liquid Soul etc.

The climatical hi-light was at 23.00 hrs. when The Core “Paul Van Dyk”, a famous German electronic dance musician with Grammy Awards under his belt, took the stage. He was the global top 10 musician and producer since 1998 and have sold over 3 million albums worldwide. Moreover, Dash Berlin, who made “Till the sky falls down” album which top number one in billboards worldwide had made a memorable performance, exciting screaming fans. And the fun had not ended there when Kaskade, the world 7th top highest paid DJ ranked from Forbes Magazine at US$18million joined in.

While THE STATION sent in techno guru “Sven Vaeth” or “Papa Sven” who is well-known for his non-stopping 30-hour

sex remix performance at Watergate & Kater Holzig before the curtain was drawn at THE ARMORY stage where

talented DJ “Valentino Khan” who started his career from producing Hip Hop music for 2 Chainz and B.O.B before turning his music genre to EDM. His music style are Hard House, Jungle Terror and Big Room with famous track ‘Deep Down Low’ that won Most Popular Song Among DJ s in 2015. Currently, he is widely-known in the EDM music industry and participated in music festival worldwide.

“Dropzone Festival Bangkok 2018” guaranteed memorable music experiences with extravaganza light & sound production from top Djs worldwide at a reasonable price. Melanie Melti Tantivanich and team was proud to present “Dropzone Festival Bangkok 2018” , another music landmark event for Thai fan. The event was a world-class act and could help draw tourists to the kingdom with the Dropzone Festival Bangkok Episode :2 coming up soon.#Dropzonefestival