Enjoy a vegan or vegetarian vacation – cuisine of the Green Pearls® partner hotels at a glance


Vegan and vegetarian diets have long since ceased to be a marginal phenomenon and are now a growing global trend. More and more hotels are offering their guests a rich, culinary and meatless menu.

Holidays without restrictions

On holiday, you just want to relax and have a good time. Nutrition plays an essential role in your overall happiness and wellbeing, and you are dependent on what is locally available. Many hotel kitchens combine traditional dishes with vegan or vegetarian alternatives. The variety ranges from the breakfast buffet to the menu selection in the evening. With the desire for meatless alternatives, the conscious traveler is no longer a complicated guest. You no longer need to be concerned if your morning cappuccino can be enjoyed without cow’s milk.

Vegan vs. Vegetarian

The difference between vegan and vegetarian can be clarified quickly: People who choose a vegan diet completely avoid animal products. With this form of nutrition, no animal products such as milk products, eggs or honey are eaten. Many vegans go beyond their meals and also avoid animal products in other areas of life, for example, their clothing and accessories.

With a vegetarian diet, meat and fish are given up and predominantly plant-based products are consumed, though the actual diet varies from person to person. The motivation for both ways of life is often animal welfare. However, an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to food is also an important aspect.

The Green Pearls® partner hotels attach great importance to high-quality food. Many hotel restaurants offer vegan and vegetarian dishes.

An overview of some Green Pearls® hotels and their special features:

Okelmann’s, Germany

The hotel restaurant attaches great importance to regional products, along with those from its own herb garden. Vegans and vegetarians will find a delicious range of options on the seasonal menu.

Biohotel Sturm, Germany

The Biohotel only uses food from organic farming which they mainly source from the region. The menu includes vegan and vegetarian food – also partly from the hotel’s own garden.

Eco Park Hotel Azalea, Italy

The hotel deliberately focuses on a predominantly vegan and vegetarian menu. Reducing meat consumption for environmental reasons is the top priority – whether it’s vegan Nutella in the morning, the vegan cake for an afternoon snack, or a vegetarian dinner. The chef of the Eco Park Hotel Azalea, Paola, is inspired by the spring in Val di Fiemme with its flowering meadows. When she feels the need for regeneration, she collects wild herbs and makes soup. The recipe for the soup “witch in the kitchen” is quick and easy to copy.

Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives

A resort with an extensive range of vegan and vegetarian options. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, the dishes focus on plant-based ingredients. Fruit and vegetables are home-grown and the head chef offers cooking events right in the garden. Vegan scallops are prepared here according to this recipe.

Hotel Milano Scala, Italy

In the hotel’s restaurant, regional products are used to create traditional Italian dishes and there is always vegan and vegetarian options available. The hotel’s own organic garden on the sixth floor offers seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs – without the need for transportation and delivery emissions.

OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa, Spain, Tenerife

Fruits are available directly from the hotel’s own garden and all the other ingredients are sourced from the surrounding region. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are offered, and personal wishes can be catered for if required.

Inkaterrra Hacienda Urubamba, South America

The hotel has its own organic farm where many foods for daily use are grown. The “Earth to Table” event is a very special experience and allows guests to participate in the harvest themselves using traditional tools and oxen. Afterwards, the harvested products are prepared by the chefs. The menu consists mainly of plant-based dishes.

Paradiso Pure Living, Italy

The hotel restaurant has a purely vegetarian menu and also offers many vegan dishes. Regional and organic products are transformed into high-quality meals and the holistic concept of the hotel incorporates vegetarian food as a sensory experience.

Keemala, Thailand

In the gardens surrounding the resort, almost all the necessary food is grown. Herbs, fruit and vegetables are used almost exclusively from their own cultivation. In addition, they grow their own mushrooms and some plants are grown by hydroponics, i.e. without soil using only with nutrient-rich water. Those who have not yet satisfied their hunger during a walk through the fruit garden can enjoy many vegan and vegetarian dishes in the restaurant.

The Tongsai Bay, Thailand

Vegan and vegetarian options are available in the hotel’s various restaurants and bars. Whether it’s a snack, lunch or an extensive dinner, vegan and vegetarian guests are welcome at The Tongsai Bay. The eco-resort on Koh Samui has its own garden, where, among other things, jackfruit is grown. The Jackfruit is used here among meals for the Jackfruit Burger.