Farmgroup Brings Back Joan Cornellà In His Second Solo Exhibition in Thailand Joan Cornellà: Happy Endings

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Introducing the comeback of the solo exhibition, for the second time in Thailand, by Joan Cornellà, a Spanish artist whose works are acclaimed for lively cartoonish lines but ironic that speaks for the truth in an imaginative version.

“HAPPY ENDINGS” the latest exhibition presents more than 80 artworks that invite you to indulge into your own interpretations of these sweet endings which will come with the ominous aspects that you didn’t expect. The exhibition presents Joan’s latest works that have never been exhibited anywhere before, the pieces those are not to be missed are the ones he created during his stay in Thailand, which he spontaneously and intelligently played with the real situations in the Thai society to bring up some smiles from the genuine point of view. The exhibition includes a diversity of works from canvas to sculptures. Apart from this, books, t-shirts, and tote bags are also available and will be autographed at the event by the artist himself.

“My works are full of smiles but they’re those that don’t really mean happiness. They’re artificial smiles that we created to make us look happy despite the fact that we’re facing the same problems everyday and we still strive to get through life. My comic works have no words, that’s why it can be reinterpreted in many different ways and be understood by people from different countries. But in the end, people can think there’s a hidden message that celebrates our ability to get over little problems and live with them happily.” said Joan Cornellà.

On the other hand, Mr. Phathaiwat Changtrakul from Farmgroup and the curator of this exhibition stated that “For us, Farmgroup, we see that art is very close to our lives. Without realizing it, art is blended into our daily lifestyle. We aim to encourage people to appreciate and embrace more about art, especially the ones that don’t only present about beauty but also point out the fact of life from a creative aspect, art that acts as a mirror that reflects the society and as a memorandum that collects real life stories. “Happy Endings” is Joan’s second solo exhibition in Thailand within a small period of time, which is considered very challenging for the artist to come up with new ideas from the same location and also for the audiences who have to reinterpret the works in their own definitions. I think it will be a very interesting experience of art”.

The exhibition inaugurates on November 9th and will remain exhibited until December 3rd, 2018 at Woof Pack, Sala Deang Soi 1, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Exhibition ticket 200 Baht ,

For pre booking please visit:

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