Finance Ministry warns against price gouging in travel subsidy campaign


The Rao Thiew Duay Kan or Travel Together tourism subsidy campaign by the government is now almost fully booked, with more than 100,000 hotel bookings already confirmed. The Ministry of Finance has asked hotels and other places of accommodation not to raise prices in anticipation of the influx of guests receiving the subsidy from the government.

The Fiscal Policy Office Director General, Ministry of Finance Spokesperson Lavaron Sangsnit said today there are now about 6,000 hotels participating in the government’s Rao Thiew Duay Kan or Travel Together tourism subsidy campaign, where the general public is entitled to receive subsidies for eligible hotel stays and other tourism activities.

A quota of five million hotel bookings is being offered by the government, which the public can access by registering on the campaign’s website. Since the registration’s opening on 15th July, some 3.8 million people have successfully registered for the offer, and will each receive a confirmation SMS, while some 200,000 unsuccessful applicants can instantly register again.

Successful applicants have been able to book stays at participating hotels and receive a 40 percent or as much as 3,000 baht subsidy on the nightly rate, with a maximum of five nights or five rooms per person. The hotels must be located outside the booker’s province of residence.

Participating hotels and guest houses have been cooperating well with the campaign, which allows the general public to travel domestically at a lower cost, while bringing businesses essential cashflow to raise their liquidity at a time when the country is closed to international tourists. This campaign is already the most positive signal for the tourism industry since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic.

To maintain the drive for recovery in the tourism sector, the Ministry of Finance has asked businesses not to take unfair advantage of the subsidy by raising their prices, as technology gives consumers these days the tool to compare prices and services across various businesses, allowing them to make informed purchase decisions that ensure quality and reasonable pricing.

The Ministry of Finance spokesperson will continuously monitor this topic, and find suitable measures to solve any issues.

In addition to the hotel stay subsidy, the campaign also provides 600 baht per night for food and tourism attractions for the length of the stay, as well as a 40 percent subsidy on air tickets, or up to 1,000 baht per seat, for up to two seats per booking name.