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“Marisa Chearavanont” shares her inspiration for the Chef Cares foundation, which celebrates the compassionate nature of Thai chefs

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Mrs. Marisa Chearavanont, Chef Cares founder, hosted the Chef Cares Appreciation Lunch & Award Ceremony, to express her sincere gratitude towards kindhearted chefs who have volunteered to create one of a kind menus for frontline medical staffs and other related workers during the COVID-19 outbreak, while also pledging to set up a “Chef Cares Foundation” to further support the society.

Mrs. Marisa stressed that, in the past three months, the Chef Cares project has successfully delivered over 30,000 lunchboxes prepared by 73 Thailand’s leading chefs to people who are bravely putting themselves in the frontlines against the coronavirus pandemic, including doctors and nurses in 17 hospitals as well as essential public service staffs at MRTA-BEM and immigration officers. This project has inspired her to launch a foundation to continue to encourage the unique compassionate nature of chefs in Thailand’s culinary scene, as well as support new underserved young talent. Chef Care’s foundation will nurture humanity from within with creativity and beauty and in this way, be a source of positive energy and an example of exceptional talent and kindheartedness for global culinary circles.

“I’m very delighted to see the spirit of every chef. This project brings their expertise to do good things for society, and I would like to see the gathering together to do good deeds like this to be sustainable. Therefore, the concept of the Chef Care Foundation has established,” Mrs. Marisa said.

Chef Cares Foundation aims to promote and preserve Thai food to the global level with the following resolutions: 1.) Providing food assistance in times of crisis, such as the case of the Covid-19 that occurred 2.) Inspiring support scholarships that offer coaching and learning and supervising youth counseling to be chefs or sustainable food entrepreneurs 3.) Promote the food industry in Thailand and the use of raw materials from various provinces and regions in Thailand. 4.) To preserve the heritage of culture, food, and especially Thai recipes. Through history and store data, which creates learning, practice, and education according to cultural sources.

“The foundation will gather volunteer chefs nationwide to offer a helping hand in a crisis. Furthermore, we will reach out to support young talents that are interested in culinary arts by providing knowledge and skills to help them reach their dream. This aims to conserve authentic Thai cuisine and create the new generation of world class chefs in Thailand.” she noted.