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Members of ASEAN Community cooperate to address COVID-19 challenges


In the face of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, cooperation between countries is the best response. Thailand is providing COVID-19 test kits to neighboring countries, to protect people’s well-being and to mitigate the social and economic impact in the ASEAN Community.

The COVID-19 situation has affected people’s well-being as well as economic and social development on a global scale. In this region, ASEAN leaders adopted the Declaration of the Special ASEAN Summit on COVID-19, calling for further enhancement of a caring and sharing ASEAN Community where ASEAN member states help each other in this challenging time. The best cure to the pandemic is for countries to act jointly and decisively to control the spread of the disease.

Recently, Thailand, commended for its success in containing the spread of COVID-19, has provided laboratory equipment and COVID-19 test kits to hospitals in neighboring Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Tanee Sangrat, Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said

“Thailand’s International Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working with the Department of Medical Sciences and Sa Kaeo Provincial Public Health Office of the Ministry of Public Health to enhance the testing for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. It is based on the principle of finding the best solution to the pandemic, which involves close cooperation between countries. In addition to Cambodia, Thailand also provides the same assistance to Myawaddy Hospital in the Union of Myanmar. We’re also delivering equipment to hospitals along the border between Thailand and Laos.”

The promotion of public health cooperation, the sharing of real-time information, and measures to deal with the pandemic carried out by the ASEAN member states, will strengthen the capacity of the region’s public health system. These efforts will protect people’s well-being and mitigate the social and economic impact on the ASEAN Community.