Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand and GC to launch Local Chef for Thailand Sustainable Tourism or “Local Chef Thailand” Campaign, Enhancing local food and local restaurants nationwide while building on local food products by using proper plastic containers to support Gastronomy Tourism policy.


Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) launches “Local Chef for Thailand Sustainable Tourism”, a project jointly done by public organization, private sectors and community in order to enhance the image of food tourism of Thailand at a macroeconomic level by upgrading standard of Thai cuisine from local level, aiming to attract tourists and build network for food tourism as well as to stimulate sustainable economic growth under 4 activities

  1. Local chef knowledge development
  2. Food container development while building on food product with how to properly manage plastic waste
  3. Public communication activities
  4. Activities for supporting initial tools for Community Enterprises and entrepreneurs

In order to conform with tourist behavior nowadays, the project employs food as the magnet to attract tourist and sustainably generate income for the entire community. This project is developed as the continuation of  Creation of Local Chef project by GC in 2017, joining with Tourism Authority of Thailand, Rayong Branch which has supported the using of local ingredients in the province as well as creating new dishes for Rayong Province in order to make new travel destination to taste the must-try local food . The success in such project becomes a model of Local Chef for Thailand Sustainable Tourism (Local Chef Thailand) which will enhance community development nationwide under Gastronomic destination as another channel to generate income to community and decrease social discrepancy

Mr. Wirasak Kowsoorad, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, said that “As the tourist behavior changes, besides traveling for leisure and visiting family, it is noticeable that they enjoy exploring food during the trip. Exploring local food can be another experience that makes the trip more impressive”

Main target of the project is people who has passion in food exploring both Thai and foreigners as well as Gen X and Gen Y who can afford gastronomy and traveling. This project also obtains collaboration from local and foreign chefs in passing on knowledge leading to knowledge exchange

among chefs namely, Chef Somsak Rarongkam President of Thailand Chefs Associations, Chef David Thompson, Thai food Michelin star chef, Madam Nooror Steppe, the owner of world’s famous Blue Elephant restaurant, Chef Surakit Kemgaew, Thai young blood chef

Local Chef Thailand focuses on enhancing famous dishes in each community which created by local chef swho has been developed to cook in international standard and upgrading the dish to be national dish to attract Thai and foreign tourist to try. This project will be promoted on several media both in Thailand and abroad such as Wongnai Media, E-Global Media, Travel Index and etc.

Mr. Supattanapong Punmeechaow, President & Chief Executive Officer of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited or GC said that “As the leader of chemical suppliers who aims to develop living standard which is environment friendly, GC builds on local food product by supporting local food enhancement to meet standard, better image and to attract consumers as well as adapting it with GC’s plastic containers which can decompose because it is made of natural and plat material such as sugarcane, cassava and corn. GC also arranges local food shelves which are made of recycled dairy milk boxes or Eco Board for all shops in the project in order to generate income for the community in the future”

Besides enhancing local food, this project is developed under these principles;

  1. Creating food tourism network by opening local chef restaurants covering 5 regions, namely, Northern Region, Central Region, Eastern Region, North Eastern Region, South Region and           Southern Boarder Regions where have touristic sites with the collaboration of  Designated        Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) by December 2018
  2. Upgrading local food recipe 4.0 and passing on the knowledge by training in several sections such as local food, Thai food and beverage for tourists as well as food garnishing section and        how to properly use plastic containers section.
  3. Upgrading local souvenir to become more interesting by using local material in the community

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