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New Biography Connects With Those Struggling Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic Through a Look at One Man’s Impact on His Family

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Since the emergence of global shutdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic, many families have been tragically separated. The lockdowns affected author J.B. Harris’s family in a big way as their cherished family member, Uncle Adam, passed before being reconnected with his loved ones. In her deeply moving memoir, “Drifting into the Light: How the Pandemic Changed Lives Forever,” she paints a picture of his remarkable life and explores the incredible influence he had on those around him.

In this celebration of life, readers learn more about who Uncle Adam was, a lively and mischievous man who put his family above all else. While detailing their experiences together and the many happy times spent, Harris reflects on every challenge and obstacle he overcame in life to become the man he wanted to be. When the threat of COVID-19 spread, everything changed, and Harris details her uncle’s travels to seek work opportunities which paved his journey to the eternal realm.

A devasting loss to the family, she reflects on the many other families who have lost loved ones during this immensely difficult time. Addressing how the pandemic has changed the landscape of how people grieve, her observations on loss will speak to those who are approaching the new year without their loved ones. She devotes her Uncle Adam’s story to the lives of those who died before, during or after this harrowing time in history.

“This book gave me a real understanding of life,” said an Amazon book reviewer. “I also felt a part of Uncle Adam’s journey.”

“Drifting into the Light” is a captivating story from a niece who continues the legacy of her loving uncle who lived life to the fullest and who will always been remembered by his dear family for his kind heart and beautiful soul.

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