New Normal tourism mark unveiled

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In light of the COVID-19 triggered New Normal, the Department of Tourism has unveiled the Chang Choo Wong Rerng Ra or Jubilant Elephant with Raised Trun, a mark to indicate tourism businesses that meet Ministry of Tourism and Sports standards.

Director-General of the Department of Tourism, Anan Wongbenjarat explained today that the elephant was chosen for the mark as it is the national animal of Thailand with its raised trunk a sign of welcome and a stand in for the Thai smile. Detailed designs on the elephant highlight Thailand’s tradition of carefully made art, and by extension all the nation’s traditions and cultures, which are derived from the country’s gentle nature. The colors on the elephant reflect modernity, plentifulness, peace, comfort, strength and simplicity.

The mark is to signify 56 standards including service, tourism activity, tourism destination and guiding, and will be awarded after inspection by officials. Travelers who see the mark can be sure the business meets standards of hygiene, safety and cultural significance.

Details on the mark can be found at and Facebook: thailand tourism standard

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