Online reservations a major factor to success in the restaurant business

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The restaurant sector in Thailand is growing and highly competitive, fast becoming a key sector that will help drive the Kingdom’s economy. For 2017, Kasikorn Research Center Co., Ltd. estimates the value of the restaurant sector in Thailand to be more than 390,000-397,000 million baht, for a growth of 2-4% over the previous year. This is among the reasons why investors and entrepreneurs have a growing interest in restaurants in Thailand.

Opening restaurants has been and continues to be a popular business venture among Thais, which means there is fierce competition among restaurateurs. And now, with technology surrounding us from every angle, actions like booking a reservation online has become so easy that it occurs increasingly more often among Thais, whether it is by mobile application or through a website. So, entrepreneurs must adapt to changing consumer habits and embrace the 4.0 economy to reach more customers. As restaurateurs turn to technology, technology has helped the F&B market grow.

At the same time, consumers are demanding greater convenience and more options, so new companies have appeared to answer this call. Companies like LINE MAN, Grabfood, and eatigo. These companies use different technologies to connect businesses with customers, creating an easy and convenient path for operators to increase their sales reach, which also benefits consumers.

Among the most popular tools for restaurant owners is the application called eatigo. eatigo is Southeast Asia’s leading platform for restaurant reservations, allowing restaurants to use discounts to incentivize customers to book during certain time periods. Currently, eatigo has over four million users and over 4,000 restaurants accepting bookings across Asia. Restaurants mainly use eatigo to bring in new customers and to manage the number of diners throughout the day.

A survey of restaurateurs from across a wide range of categories and customer bases found that eatigo is excellent at meeting the needs of both restaurants and customers.

“eatigo made our restaurant more well-known. We were able to increase our sales with new customers while our regular customers came more often because of the deep discounts we offered through eatigo,” said Gyu Jin Choi, Manager of Factory Buffet.

“We’ve used eatigo for many years now. It has helped our business grow, both in taking care of our regular customers and in bringing in new ones, as well as helping with turnover rates. Customers sometimes don’t feel like coming in on certain days or during certain times when the place looks empty, but eatigo helps fill those spaces. Our revenue has increased, we don’t run out of stock, there are more chances for customers to come try our food, and the restaurant has a much better overall atmosphere,” said Chirayu na Ranong, Manager of Chu Chocolate Bar & Café.

In addition, eatigo can assist in managing reservations during specific periods by allowing restaurant owners to easily get more table turnovers during off-peak times.

“Normally, restaurants will have peak times and off-peak times. Eatigo is an effective tool for drawing in diners during off-peak times. This increases our sales and our customer base with new customers. It also helps me manage the restaurant better. It is very convenient to see customer feedback and ratings, so I can easily respond to customers and quickly solve problems,” Aod Apikiat Liratanakajorn, Manager of Sushi Yama.

“We searched for a partner to help us online; eatigo came at the right time and with the right fit for our needs, because we wanted to increase awareness of us among owners. Eatigo’s application helped us get new customers who were looking for promotions and a new place to dine, resulting in our business growing. Especially in the first three months, it brought in a lot of new customers; after that, it was mainly repeat business, but it did really help fill tables during off-peak times, which was one of our goals,” said Suttiruk Kanjanapunt, General Manager of Kyochon.

The amazingly positive response to this way of booking restaurants online continues to grow, showing that most Thais prefer to reserve tables this way because not only is it easy to use and convenient, but they receive promotional discounts every time. Eatigo has become the leading service provider in this field for consumers, as well as with restauranteurs who can immediately read reviews to see if most of their diners are satisfied. They can also get a better idea of how many seats to prepare for, so that they manage their restaurant more smoothly, while increasing sales and growing their customer base at the same time. All the while, making their businesses competitive, flowing smoothly into the 4.0 economy.

Today, everything around us is designed to be easier to use, matching the lifestyle of the new generation. This includes buying consumer goods. But many people may be too busy and not have enough time. This makes going out to eat on occasion more of a hassle. So, this brought about online restaurant reservations, which has become a significant trend because it easily meets everyone’s needs with just a touch of a finger and because it also helps builds up the restaurant sector by increasing efficiency.

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