Phuket strictly screening entrants


Phuket has initiated strict measures for people entering the island by land, requiring that those arriving from 17 high risk provinces show proof of having received both doses of COVID-19 vaccination, a negative test reading, taken no longer than 72 hours prior to arrival, or submit to a Rapid Test.

A screening point has been established at the Phuket Gateway, which precedes Chatchai checkpoint. Arrivals will have their temperatures checked, undergo a review of their recent history and must produce documentation confirming they have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or that they tested negative for COVID-19, using the RT-PCR method, in the past 72 hours. People without such documents must submit to an Antigen Rapid Test. Thai citizens can receive the test free of charge but foreigners will be required to pay 500 baht for the screening. The entire process takes about 45 minutes, with test results valid for up to 72 hours. Approved entrants will receive a sticker and the gateway operates 24 hours a day.

People traveling from Orange Zones must undergo temperature screening and activate the Mor Chana application, so that their whereabouts can be monitored throughout their time on Phuket. They must also register at, which is used to notify officials that they have traveled to the destination they indicated upon entry. All entrants must also stringently observe DMHTT measures.

The first day of the stricter screening saw some management issues but a coordinated effort between police and officials ultimately sped up process.