Public Health Ministry Insists on Efficacy of CoronaVac (Sinovac) Vaccine


The Ministry of Public Health has insisted that CoronaVac, developed by Chinese company Sinovac, could protect people against Covid-19, despite a claim that a man who received the jab had not developed any immunity.

Department of Medical Science (DMS) Director-General Dr Supakit Sirilak said the immunity develops two weeks after vaccination. However, the level of immunity differs based on the virus variants.

He said anyone wanting to check the efficacy of their jabs should only have their immunity checked by standard laboratory tests with a proven method. He also quoted research of CoronaVac’s efficacy in Chile showing that the level of immunity increased by 47.8% when tested 14 days after two shots but was as high as 95.6% after 70 days.

Dr Supakit said Sinovac’s vaccine performed best with a level of immunity at 114 against the original strain from China’s Wuhan, but its efficacy dropped to less than half that level when