Sansiri PLC partners with SCB to provide equal-opportunity joint home loans widening the prospective homebuying demographic and progressively promoting diversity and inclusion


Sansiri PLC and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) have formed a long-term partnership to provide equal opportunities for Thai couples who are looking to co-borrow for a home with their spouse or life-partner.  The joint home loan scheme by Sansiri and SCB aims to address the needs of their customers and facilitate for a more convenient and equal opportunity financial offering. It will also open up the possibility for first-time home ownership to couples sharing their lives together and widening the demographic profile of homebuyers; stimulating demand and Thailand’s real estate market growth.

At the Sansiri’s headquarters, Siri Campus, on Sukhumvit 77, Sansiri executive members Mr. Srettha Thavisin, President and Mr. Ou Baholyodhin, Chief Creative Officer; joined executive members of Siam Commercial Bank, Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. Thana Thienachariya, SEVP, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of External Communication & CSR and Ms, Auraratana Jutimitta, SEVP, Chief Retail and Business Banking Officer to commemorate the start of an inclusive and progressive collaboration.  Each executive member stressed the need for the private sector to embrace diversity and inclusion as the keys to social change and achieving greater productivity and commercial success.

“Sansiri has been embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion for a long time. We believe that these values build a more welcoming and equal environment and will ultimately result in greater innovation, opportunities for growth and commercial success. SCB’s joint home loan scheme is just one of our partnerships that speaks volumes of Sansiri’s commitment to ensuring diversity and equality. Thanks to the joint home loan scheme, now couples and life-partners, can have access to joint home loans as long as they meet the banks criteria. I hope this scheme will open the opportunity of home ownership to a wider demographic and further stimulate the Thai real estate market,” said Mr Srettha Thavisin.

Siam Commercial Bank Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya said, “the bank is very pleased to team up with Sansiri PLC, one of the country’s leading property developers, to support all types of home loan options for Sansiri’s customers who wish to have their own residences for long-term living security. This cooperation underlines SCB’s role as a customer-focused financial institution in offering financial products and services catering to the real needs of clients. The lending support also affirms the bank’s determination to encourage equal financial inclusion to all Thai people.

Sansiri and SCB have taken the initiative in introducing the more widen joint home loan scheme in response to the needs of their customers that include first-time homebuyers. The scheme will make home ownership much more accessible to a wider demographic. Sansiri also offers an exclusive promotion to further manifest peoples dream home, where the company will pay the monthly instalment payments for customers for up to 24 months.

Sansiri PLC’s partnership with Siam Commercial Bank and the joint home loan scheme are part of Sansiri’s efforts to promote overall diversity and equality in the workplace, marketplace and community. Sansiri is the first company in Thailand to have adopted the “United Nations Global Standards of Conduct for Business”, championing diversity and inclusion.