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Savesavvi.Com Brings the UK Bond Market to Thailand For the Very First Time

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A brand-new AI-powered digital platform giving international investors in Thailand their first opportunity to enter the potentially lucrative UK bond market has been launched. 

SaveSavvi.com is the world’s first comparison website delivering instant access for global investors to a range of UK-based high-interest, fixed-term bonds. 

“We are bringing the UK bond market to investors in Thailand,” said Stephen Douglas, Managing Director of SaveSavvi.com.

“Our AI-powered platform gives unrivalled and immediate access to, and comparison of, many high-interest bonds issued by UK investment houses,” he added.

Once invested, money is typically locked in for a fixed term of one to five years and used in the peer to peer lending sector which, according to the latest UK Alternative Finance Industry report, is currently seeing £5bn a year ploughed into it. 

Stephen Douglas continued: “Here at SaveSavvi.com we are on a mission to bring these products to investors in Thailand so that they can, for the first time, take advantage of the generous rates on offer through a single, highly intuitive and responsive digital platform.” 

The company, which is United Nations Global Compact approved, as well as being a UK Premier League sponsor, also offers visitors to SaveSavvi.com access to other innovative financial products, including health insurance, life insurance and pensions, all geared towards international investors and expats.

Unlike most other comparison sites SaveSavvi.com charges no fees, meaning visitors to the site can be rest assured the service is unbiased and impartial. 

After inputting a few personal details, visitors to SaveSavvi.com are presented with a range of products and, importantly, are also shown the investment term, interest rates, types of security and the providers’ trust site scores. 

Stephen Douglas said: “As a business we’ve been operating for three years now and are currently the world’s most visited and trusted expat savings site. 

“This, however, marks the next stage of our evolution as a business, bringing these highly-attractive fixed interest savings to the global market on a single digital platform.” 

He continued: “Unless you are involved in financial services it is extremely unlikely you will even be aware that these bonds exist, let alone ever considered them as part of your investment portfolio. 

“We saw the opportunity to create this platform where international investors can become educated on these products as well as delivering the ability to easily compare them and pick the investment that’s right for you.”  

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