Swarovski Raising The Standard Of Sustainability To A New Level

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After a year-long whirlwind transformation for the brand, Swarovski announces a detailed sustainability strategy that places people and planet at its heart. With a brand positioning that asks everyone to ‘ignite your dreams’, Swarovski encourages a sense of freewheeling curiosity, exploration, and, ultimately, discovery of self – values the brand has held since 1895.

Central to this idea of igniting dreams, the Wonderlab brand world is in constant evolution and, through the lens of sustainability, is in pursuit of new depth of impact. The broad scope focus areas announced in April 2021 are now taking shape with the release of Swarovski’s first annual Sustainability Report. It summarizes the efforts made in 2019 and 2020 – but also looks into the future’s focus areas and concrete targets the company is aiming to achieve across the value chain.


From the very first water-powered crystal cutting machine, created in 1895, to the charitable initiatives and community partnerships in its Austrian home, Swarovski has been a brand intrinsically linked with sustainable practice, striving to care for and honor our environment and its people.

Today, in a world faced with a host of urgent environmental and social issues, Swarovski builds upon its legacy with a strengthened sustainability ambition centered on six key focus areas, now made bolder with commitments and target goals in all six areas: “conscious materials”, “empowerment and education”, “waste and circular economy”, “equality, diversity, and inclusion”, “respect for our people”, and, of course, “greenhouse gas emissions”.


Following the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, highlighting the gravity of our climate crisis, Swarovski is placing the strongest and most immediate emphasis on tangibly reducing emissions as quickly as possible. By participating in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), Swarovski proudly commits to reduce its own direct and indirect emissions by 47%, and 28% of emissions lying outside of our own operations by 2030.

How will this be achieved? Multiple assessments within Swarovski have resulted in an in-depth product lifecycle assessment and a concrete roadmap for innovation across the entire value chain – from the mining of raw materials to the disposal of product at the end of its life.

As most visible touchpoints for customers, Swarovski’s products and packaging take a prominent focus in its sustainability efforts. Swarovski aims to launch at least one sustainable product collection per year, beginning in 2022, and source all metals from responsibly managed and recycled supplies by 2030. In packaging, it is Swarovski’s ambition to transition to entirely certified or recycled sources and to ensure all packaging is completely recyclable or compostable by 2030.


Besides the commitments towards our planet, Swarovski’s new strategy strives to create a positive, transformative effect on people everywhere.

The latest campaigns celebrate individuality, personal expression, and broad representation of ages, bodies, and cultures. From its foundation, the brand has always held the value that it is about more than just material, it is about people. This year’s sustainability report includes commitments that Swarovski is actioning on behalf of employees, customers, clients, and people worldwide. As a brand, a groundwork of equality and inclusivity is laid, and it starts within the business itself.

Swarovski will ensure that 45% of leadership positions are filled by female leaders and, by implementing innovative recruitment practices – including the use of AI technology that uses neuroscience and gamification for recruitment in key retail markets – Swarovski aims for bias-free, high-volume recruitment by 2024. It is vital to all those igniting dreams on behalf of Swarovski that their rights are protected, and a healthy work environment is guaranteed.

Swarovski is harnessing the power of science and magic to reshape reality for people and planet. Beginning with the 2021 Sustainability Report, Swarovski aims to maintain a transparent and open conversation as all six focus areas take shape. This will be shared through the business’s annual sustainability report as well as via social platforms and swarovski.com.

The Swarovski Sustainability Report 2021 launched on October 14th, 2021.

For the love of people and planet, there is more to come.

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