Thai beaches and bays ready to welcome tourists


Since the COVID-19 situation improved, operators at famous tourist attractions in Krabi have been preparing to welcome tourists in July.

Now, Railay Bay, Phra Nang Bay and Ton Sai Bay in Krabi are in beautiful shape with turquoise sea and fine white sand ready to welcome tourists as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Krabi Deputy Governor Somchai Harnphakdipatima today led a team to survey tourist attractions and preparations for the return of tourists when the government’s measure to ease the restrictions imposed to control COVID-19, is implemented soon. They inspected the ecosystem, met with the operators, asked them about preparation of various businesses in Railay Bay, Phra Nang Bay and Ton Sai Bay, as well as provided advice on the reopening of their businesses in accordance with the measures of the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health. The inspected businesses are all in major tourist attractions as the national parks are still closed to tourists.

Thai tourists have started to arrive and there are still some stranded foreign tourists who have been unable to return home in the area. Hotel and restaurant operators have started to clean and decorate their buildings but most of them are not open for service yet since their income mostly comes from foreign tourists. Most operators are waiting for other countries to allow their citizens to leave their home countries and make reservations of accommodation, for efficient management and avoiding losses. However, some of them will open in early July 2020 to help employees return to jobs and incomes.