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Thailand to Open for Specific groups of Visitors


The CCSA is considering opening the kingdom to certain visitors, in order to boost the economy after 28 days without a domestic viral infection.

Thailand’s Centre for COVID-19 Sitation Administration is considering opening the country to two groups of foreign visitors. The first group of visitors is those who have already applied to come to Thailand knowing they must undergo 14 days in state quarantine. This group comprises over 700 investors, 2,200 workers with specific skills, and 2,000 foreigners who have a family in Thailand, along with over 30,000 health and wellness tourists.

The second group would be visitors exempted from 14 days quarantine comprising businesspersons, investors, and government’s guests. They will however, be allowed to stay in Thailand for only 3 – 5 days and be accommodated in a limited number of venues. However, this group of visitors would need to have their health checked both in their country of origin and on arrival in Thailand.

In addition, there is another group of visitors who may be able to come to Thailand via a special arrangement between nations, known as a travel bubble policy. However, it is only a draft at this stage, and hasn’t been handed to the CCSA committee yet for consideration.

Currently, there are three countries that may qualify to participate in Thailand’s travel bubble policy; they are China, Japan, and South Korea as they have strict disease control measures.