The Graffiti Kings of Wynwood, Miami have arrived

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Meet Ruben Ubiera, Orgie (aka Le’ Creep) and Golden – the 3 Graffiti Kings of Wynwood, Miami. For their first time in Asia, they have been invited to Bangkok to create some of their best artworks, exclusively for Los Attico – the new “it” underground Mexican bar in the heart of Sukhumvit Soi 11. Born and bred in Miami, Orgie, started his obsession with graffiti during middle school. The adrenaline of rebelling and living life on the edge, while making cool art complemented his dare-devil personality. He slowly made his way painting murals in Wynwood, where the vibrant artworks, restaurants, breweries, dance and club venues were just starting to kick off. At the time, graffiti was starting to become more of an art form rather than pure vandalism, while people also started to give more appreciation to the artworks. Orgie’s reputation grew through word-of-mouth in the streets and social media. His big break came when he painted for Ludacris during an Art Basel exhibition.

He has also done pieces for Young Jeezy and Fat Joe. His mentality of “This is not getting me anywhere, but I love it” has changed quickly as he is now one of the most requested artists in Miami.

Voted the Best Street Artist in Miami 2016 by popular vote, Ruben Ubiera, born in Dominican Republic, started painting before he could even write. At the age of 3, dressed in blue jeans, a Super Man t-shirt with red underwear and socks peeping through and his yellow belt as the centre of attention, began tracing Tarzan on oliveoiled paper from comic books. Little did he know the dynamic poses of Tarzan, alongside the wild creatures featured in the story, would train Ruben so well that he “outdrew” most of his Art teachers at school. With his passion for art since an early age, he went on with studying Graphic Design and Visual Communications, with the aid of Fernando Botero Scholarship in the process. After 12 years working in art agencies as Art Director, Ubiera found himself unemployed with his daughter on the way. He remembered his late mother’s words about how she believed he would always become an artist, so he began drawing his first mural – a portrait of his mother. A neo-figurative artist, he is strong use of the line, graffiti inspired techniques and aesthetic, urban murals, mixed-media pieces and installations, all created with reclaimed-objects and found artifacts. With paintings and drawings, his love for freestyle, organic concepts and processes is seen in his style “Postgraffism” – a careful blend of graffiti art and surrealism.

Ubiera’s partner Golden, had nothing to do with art before they started working together. His enthusiasm blossomed when he saw Ruben on the streets painting a mural, since then he could not stop asking Ruben if he needed help. When Ruben finally decided he would let Golden help him, Golden quit his job to be a full-time artist. Although Golden has never picked up a spray can in his life before this, he was of great help to Reuben with computer art and graphics – their partnership quickly advanced into an inseparable bond, inspiring each other with their different art styles and techniques.

The 3 artists, all living in South Florida and from a tight artists community, knew immediately that they wanted to become partners after they saw each others’ art works. Orgie found Ruben freestyling a portrait of a tiger in a charity event regarding firefighters and PTSD, while Golden stopped in the middle of the road just to talk to Ruben about his mural. They have collaborated to do many large-scale murals and installations, like the new Tacocraft location in South Miami, and worked under Nicolle Miller for a live painting auction program named Canvas West Palm Beach. Their newest project took place in Deerfield Beach at Sullivan Park – a public-art mosaic piece consisting of a 52-foot-diameter (the largest wall in Wynwood) splash pad with water jets for children to play on, the largest splash pad mosaic in Florida.

With the art works in Los Attico, the 3 take influences all over the world, ranging from the most local influences in Mexico and its distinctive culture, Cuban coffee, to traveling and seeing other artists’ techniques and production methods. The extraction of colors and flavors of Mexican culture come from exploring and being introduced by their Mexican friends to food, locations, sculptures from the Revolution and more. Their strict rule of “Concept Before Execution” is reflected in bright contrasting colors, perfectly depicting the singular language that speaks internationally. To them, graffiti is “like a big gorilla that no one talks about”, in terms of how strong and powerful something could be, that is unfortunately only beginning to gain respect in the public eye. Back in Miami, the 3 artists have certainly made their marks in the city, regularly being commissioned by local restaurants and agencies, while now venturing to different parts of the world.

Los Attico and Bangkok truly lucky to have the 3 incredible artists to not only decorate the hot new speakeasy with their graffiti and urban art, but to bring an authentic vision inspired by the flare of Wynwood. See their art pieces exclusively in Los Attico, in February 2019.

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