Tourism in times of the Coronavirus crisis


Every year, more than a billion people around the world travel abroad, learn about new cultures, embark on new adventures and discover natural wonders – and all of this is supported by the many people who work in the tourism industry. This year, unfortunately, the numbers will be drastically different, due to coronavirus spreading through all areas of our lives. Even now, the pandemic and the travel ban is having dramatic consequences for all the people behind the tourism industry.

For many of our partner hotels around the world, this is a matter of survival, as they have decided to remain committed to social interaction and want to continue to pay their employees even in crisis situations. But if the hotel has to close temporarily and it is not clear when guests are expected again, there can dramatic consequences. Ultimately, it is the small, owner-managed hotels and thus their employees – from Asia to Europe to South America – who suffer because of cancellations.

Postpone instead of cancel

Our request to all those who have planned a trip: Continue dreaming about your vacation and plan it for the time after the Corona crisis. We all know that now is not the right time to travel – staying at home is the best thing we can all do right now. However, we are optimistic that the right time will return in the foreseeable future. Even if no-one can really predict when that will be, postponing your booking is far better than simply canceling it. This is how you can continue to support livelihoods. Companies can continue to pay their employees and you can look forward to your planned vacation.

We at Green Pearls® will continue to provide you with travel inspirations for the time after the Corona crisis and try to approach the crisis as positively as possible, even if it is not always easy. Let’s support each other and stay healthy.