Tourism revitalized during holiday break


Tourism in many provinces is lively during the long weekend, as measures are being taken to help limit the spread of COVID-19 at various venues.

At Khao Kradong Forest Park, in Buriram province, tourist police, forest protection officers and staff at Khao Kradon Forest Park are required to check the body temperatures of all visitors before they can enter the premises and ascend the Naga Bridge to enjoy the stunning views of the volcano, which has been dormant for some 100,000 years, and take a deep breath of fresh air. Some visitors pray and seek blessings from Phra Suphatthara Bophit and ring the ritual bells on top of the volcano, which is 265 meters above sea level.

Officers ask visitors to wear protective masks, to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The site is welcoming 3,000 visitors a day during this long weekend, after months of business suspension due to the outbreak. Meantime, the forest park’s landscape and facilities have been maintained for visitors’ convenience.

The northeastern province of Bueng Kan also receives many visitors from various provinces. One of its popular sightseeing destinations is Hin Sam Wan, located in the Hin Sam Wan Ecotourism Development Project, which is part of the 154th national forest reserve management center. It oversees Kala rainforest, Phu Sing forest and Dong Si Chomphu forest in Muang Bueng Kan district.

Disease-control measures remain in place. Visitors are required to have their body temperatures measured. The site has implemented new normal measures by limiting the number of visitors per session and using the government’s Thai Chana online platform. In the past two days, the forest park welcomed more than 5,000 visitors. Most restaurant and hotel businesses in the province are also attracting more customers.