Vaccine recipients booked via mobile network operators


August 1st is the first day that intending vaccine recipients can contact mobile network operators, to book a vaccination at Bang Sue Grand Station. Today’s recipients were assisted by officers at every step.

As of August 1, vaccine recipients who make an appointment for a vaccination via the mobile network operators’ system comprising AIS, TRUE, DTAC, and The National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) are given an appointment to get vaccinated at Bang Sue Grand Station.

From August 1 – 31, 20,000 people will be vaccinated each day, comprising 10,000 people aged 18 – 59 and another 10,000 people aged 60+ as well as people in the seven chronic disease group.

Our correspondent also reported that vaccine recipients lined up today following the instructions of the mobile network operators. Those who booked via AIS and NT were asked to enter at gate 2, DTAC at gate 3, and TRUE at gate 4.

Throughout the process, officers assist the recipients at each point in the process.

After 30 minutes of rest following the shot, if no unprecedented side effect is found, the vaccine recipient is allowed to leave the vaccination center.

Some of the recipients said the process was fast and orderly. They weren’t worried about any side effects as they prepared before by having enough rest.

Traffic around Bang Sue Grand Station was also rerouted successfully, which prevented a repeat of traffic jams that had occurred in previous days.