Viangsa Thai Guide


Cycling the world war bicycle. RARE ITEMS only at Wiang Sa.

Cycling around the town at Nan bicycle City at “Wiang Sa”. Enjoy some of the rare bicycle you may have never seen before. Such as the first bicycle in the world, some of them were built and used during the World War. Of course you can ride it.

Trip Overview: Visit ‘Wiang Sa’, bicycle town. Experience real local lifestyle through activities with us.

Highlights of The Trip:

  • Bike around Wiang Sa, bicycle town
  • Visit bicycle museum, where they store antique bicycles.
  • Bike to Organic Farm
  • Feed the fish by traditional way of feeding, learn ‘Lanna Language’, cooking with locals, learn how to play local drum ‘Pu Ja’ at Baan Kalok

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Bike around the Town @Wiang Sa: Try Hand Weaving, Learn Lanna’s Language, Cook Like Local, Enjoy Biking

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