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On the Table, Tokyo Café launches a new menu with 6 new dishes • EAT • TASTE • LOVE •

On the Table, Tokyo Café, a restaurant-style Tokyo café launches a special campaign • EAT • TASTE • LOVE • to invite everyone to fall in love with the new 6 dishes. The new dishes include Salmon Shio Don, Baked Salmon, Unagi Volcanic Bomb, Unagi Don, Grilled Australian Beef and Pork Bolognese all made with premium ingredients. The special menu is available from now until 1 September at On the Table, Tokyo Café every branch.

• EAT • TASTE • LOVE • the new menu will make you fall in love includes the following dishes
Salmon Shio Don, the dish for salmon lovers. A healthy menu served with rice mix with quinoa, Hijiki seaweed, and sesame. Together with healthy sides such as avocado, mix mushrooms, shredded eggs and edamame topping with salmon roe at 340 Baht.

Baked Salmon, large salmon fillet baked with garlic butter and lemon sauce. It comes with a side dish such as asparagus, mixed with mushrooms and baked tomato with seafood dipping sauce at 350 Baht.

This dish special is for unagi lovers. Unagi Volcanic Bomb, a unique dish with popular ingredients from Japan. Grilled unagi seasoned with spicy mayonnaise-like Thai taste mix with fresh salmon. It is served with crabs stick crunch tempura and avocado. And, is prices at 590 Baht.

Unagi Don, grilled unagi served with garlic rice, tamagoyaki, and pickles. Priced at 620 Baht.

Grilled Australian Beef, especially for beef lovers with Australian imported beef. It is marinated with a special recipe and is served with Jaew dipping sauce. This dish is priced at 270 Baht.

Lastly, the kid’s menu, Pork Bolognese. A freshly cooked pasta with pork and homemade tomato sauce. Decorate with arabica sausage in octopus shape that all the kids will be in love with. This dish is priced at 160 Baht.

These new menus with premium ingredients are now available until 1 September 2019 at On the Table, Tokyo Café every branch. #EatTasteLove #OntheTable #OntheTableTokyoCafe #HappinessisOnthetable

*Except Phuket branch where Salmon Shio Don is 370 Baht, Baked Salmon is 385 Baht, Unagi Volcanic Bomb is 650 Baht, Unagi Don is 680 Baht, Grilled Australian Beef is 295 Baht and Pork Bolognese is 175 Baht.

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