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ONESIAM Celebrates Thai Culture in Grand July Events

ONESIAM - logoThis July, ONESIAM invites travellers from around the globe to delve into the heart of Thai culture and tradition as Bangkok celebrates the 72nd birthday of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn. Running from July 1 to July 31, 2024, ONESIAM’s lineup of spectacular events promises an unforgettable experience, showcasing Thailand’s rich heritage and royal splendour.

A Month of Majestic Celebrations

ONESIAM, a consortium of six world-class experiential destinations in Bangkok managed by Siam Piwat, is set to host an array of grand processions and pageantries. These events illuminate Bangkok with vibrant displays, offering a unique glimpse into the kingdom’s storied past and cultural richness.

The Yellow Star Flower: A Symbol of Royalty

Central to the festivities is the yellow star flower, celebrated for its striking golden blossoms and fragrant aroma. Symbolizing the King’s birthday, these vibrant flowers will adorn streets and landmarks across Bangkok. This year, renowned Thai floral artist Sakul Intakul adds his touch with mesmerizing installations at Siam Paragon and ICONSIAM, running from July 1 to 31.

Floral Artistry by Sakul Intakul

Exquisite floral installation art showcasing the "Yellow Star" or royal flower by Sakul Intakul.
Exquisite floral installation art showcasing the “Yellow Star” or royal flower by Sakul Intakul.

Sakul’s installation at Siam Paragon’s The Jewel, titled “Pushapanjali Maleenoparatana Chaloemphrachon,” features a stunning blend of Thai flowers and auspicious gemstones. This captivating display symbolizes prosperity and good fortune, reflecting Thai heritage and modern aesthetics. The golden-yellow showcase includes 46 meticulously crafted yellow star blooms, each adorned with fabrics representing auspicious gemstones like diamond, pearl, and sapphire.

At ICONSIAM, Sakul presents “Maleesiri Srinawaratsakkarn,” a contemporary floral installation inspired by traditional Thai designs. This piece incorporates ancient Thai floral craftsmanship techniques, featuring yellow star flowers and the nine auspicious gemstones, or ‘Nophkao,’ symbolizing auspiciousness and royalty.

Traditional Performances: A Cultural Extravaganza

On July 14, the “International Ramayana” Khon performance at ICONSIAM’s Suralai Hall will bring together eight countries to present the epic tale of Ramayana. This collaborative effort highlights the region’s shared cultural heritage, offering a rich, multifaceted experience through intricate costumes and dramatic storytelling. Recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage, Khon is an elaborate masked dance-drama that provides a captivating insight into Thai mythology.

Interactive Workshops and Performances

Between July 19 and 29, visitors can engage in DIY workshops at the Siam Center, painting yellow star flowers on fans and creating accessories from Japanese clay. These hands-on activities offer a personal connection to the celebrations, allowing participants to craft unique mementos of their experience.

A Spectacular Water and Light Show

On the evening of July 24, ICONSIAM’s River Park will host a dynamic water and lighting performance. This dazzling display will captivate audiences with its vibrant portrayal of Thai culture and reverence for His Majesty, blending colour, sound, and light in a powerful tribute along the Chao Phraya River.

Alms Giving Ceremony

Time-honored "Alms Giving Ceremony" for 73 monks reflecting Thailand's deep-rooted Buddhist traditions.
Time-honoured “Alms Giving Ceremony” for 73 monks reflecting Thailand’s deep-rooted Buddhist traditions.

The celebrations continue with an Alms Giving ceremony on the morning of July 26 at ICONSIAM. Visitors are invited to partake in this deeply rooted Thai tradition of offering food to 73 monks. This ceremony provides an authentic glimpse into Thailand’s Buddhist practices, reflecting the nation’s devotion and generosity.

Embassy Performances and Candle Lighting Ceremony

From July 26 to 29, Siam Paragon will feature a series of embassy performances, showcasing Thailand’s cultural richness through traditional arts such as Khon, regional dances, Thai boxing, and the grand “Prosperity of Rattanakosin” Khon performance.

An unmissable event is the candle lighting ceremony on July 28 at ICONSIAM’s River Park and the ONESIAM Skywalk interchange by Siam Discovery. The warm glow of countless candles will create a serene display of reverence and unity, illuminating the night in honour of His Majesty.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Thai Heritage

ONESIAM’s July celebrations are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the grandeur and beauty of Thailand’s royal heritage. More than just a series of events, this celebration is a journey through the country’s history, culture, and spiritual essence. Whether captivated by intricate floral displays, mesmerizing cultural performances, or profound spiritual ceremonies, visitors will find magic at every turn.

ONESIAM is a guest experience program showcasing a collective of extraordinary experiences from Siam Piwat’s six world-class experiential destinations in Bangkok, including Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, ICONSIAM, ICS, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok. The ONESIAM experience aims to amaze, inspire, and revolutionize visitors through exceptional and enriching experiences, offering a comprehensive journey unmatched anywhere else.

For more information on the events and ONESIAM, visit ONESIAM’s official website.




Written by: Christine Nguyen







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