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Online Spa and Nutrition Courses at Chiva-Som International Academy are now Available

One of Asia’s leading spa education centers, Chiva-Som International Academy in Bangkok endows its students with the confidence and skills to start or advance their career in the wellness industry, managed by Chiva-Som, the world-renowned pioneer in transformative wellness. In addition to its regular courses, the Academy has introduced its 2021 online courses for students worldwide. Courses will be conducted in English through an easy-to-use, interactive online platform to provide e-learning on a variety of courses to spa owners and managers, therapists and even those interested in self-care.

The online courses running throughout the year feature a Diet and Nutrition course, Anatomy and Physiology course, Spa Development, Spa Management and DIY Face-Lifting and Firming workshop. There is a limit of 15 students per course who will have the opportunity to interact and gain from the valuable experience of the course educators.

The Anatomy and Physiology course and Diet and Nutrition course are applicable for a CIBTAC examination.

Private training, customised online courses and corporate workshops are also available for arrangement at an addition charge.


This course provides a basic introduction to the human body, covering areas such as structure and function of various systems within the body, including disease and disorder. It is a valuable resource for those working in beauty therapy, complementary therapy or any related field. Getting access to such vital knowledge will help therapists administer treatments safely and accurately while recognising contraindications. Each course runs over ten days with a total lecture timeframe of 60 hours. Once complete, students will get an E-CSA Professional Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology.

Course date: 15th – 25th February, 7th – 18th June and 11th – 22nd October 2021

Price: THB 17,000 per person


The course offers knowledge of nutrients and their functions, an introduction to the digestive system and the effects of different nutrients and antioxidants to help participants greatly improve their consultations and treatment plans. Participants will understand how the digestive system works and recognise a variety of health disorders caused by food and dietary habits. Participants will also be able to name the structures and functions of nutrients, evaluate food quality, eating habits, and the change of activity patterns over a period of time. Students will get an E-CSA Professional Certificate in Diet and Nutrition.

Course date: 1st – 12th February and 2nd – 13th August 2021

Price: THB 17,000 per person


While it definitely helps, glowing and rejuvenated skin doesn’t always require a trip to the spa. During this half-day Self Face Lifting workshop, Chiva-Som Academy’s expert beauty therapists will teach you how to stimulate your facial muscles with easy face lifting massage techniques. By adding these tricks to your skin-care routine, you’ll slow down the ageing process and eliminate lines and wrinkles. By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the causes and physiological changes of the ageing process and will be able to effectively include Self Face Lifting in their skincare routine.

Course date: 4th June 2021 from 13.00 to 17.00

Price: THB 3,900 per person


This course is to learn how to start up a spa business. It provides an in-depth understanding of how to start up and implement a spa business in the current environment, as well as how to operate after the pandemic. It is the ideal course for owners of start-ups or for those who work in spa businesses or are interested in opening their own. There is no prior spa background experience required to take this course.

This course date can be arranged on demand in three-month timeframe.

Price: THB 39,000 per person


Ideal for spa owners and spa managers who manage spas on a daily basis, this course is designed to help people achieve their business goals. The spa management course looks at operations via the nine key functions of the Spa Manager, along with providing an understanding and knowledge in managing spa professionally with various approaches to achieve effective results. Previous experience in the industry is preferred but not essential.

This course date can be arranged on demand in three-month timeframe.

Price: THB 39,000 per person

Chiva-Som first introduced these online spa and nutrition courses in mid-2020 and received a huge uptake from people around the world – whether for professional or self-care needs. Apart from professional spa and beauty therapists and nutritionists, those with a keen interest in learning effective self-care methods will also find these courses valuable, especially during ongoing lockdowns as the pandemic continues to dominate major parts of the world.

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