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PaM++, a leading Hospitality branding & marketing communications consulting agency, marches on to 8th year of success and reveals industry’s fierce competition and how to handle it

PaM++, is a leading branding & marketing communications agency with hotel, resort and restaurant clients of both domestic and global brands on its portfolio.

Led by a veteran in the hospitality industry, Panasporn Pam Nopasri, a founder and managing director with over 25 years of experiences in branding, brand positioning and marketing communications, PaM++ marches on to its 8th year of success.

Today, Panasporn reveals interesting facts regarding hospitality industry insights, fierce competition that has driven several operators out of business, and sound pathway to long-term business success.

Over the past 10 years, the overall outlook of hotel business in Thailand has grown tremendously; but alas alongside ferocious competition.  Currently, there are over 20,000 hotels and resorts in Thailand including 129 new hotels that newly opened in 2016-2018 while Year 2019 expects 24 new openings in the pipeline.  On the dining end, based on the data collected for Bangkok alone, there are 61,488 restaurants and bars.  This shows not only the tremendous growth of this industry but also the competition that requires owners and operators to strive for ways to strive for long-term sustainability.

“From my 20+ years of experience in Hospitality industry, there have been hundreds of hotels and restaurants that have gone through unnecessary re-branding process, changed ownerships, or even ceased to operate despite their great location, well-known brand or professional management team.  I see that as a failure from the roots.  Most people see one or two key strengths as their unique selling points, then take the inside-out approach and not consider how the customers have evolved.  Nowadays, customers yearn for more.   Hotels and restaurants MUST cover all aspects of experiences offered.  A successful brand requires more than just strong financial analysis, good location, or famous architect, to name a few. The failure from the roots comes from the negligence of brand DNA, unique story,

and brand positioning and identity; all that help the brand to stand out from the rest.  Future outlook versus being trendy is also key.   We must identify and strategize before taking action. This is the reason why clients reach out to us.  Because we understand that there’s a marketing lifeline that is core to the business’ success and I feel that our clients should understand, too.” Panasporn said.

PaM++ is a small, yet strong and solid agency that has been trusted by global corporations and brands such as Brand Expedia Asia, Porsche Asia, IHG Group, Starwood, Carlson Rezidor and many more.   PaM++ uses uniquely established philosophy to assist clients as follows:

  • Holistic approach; online, offline, direct and connections – connected marketing
  • Smart and creative funding allocation
  • Strategize according to roadmap for clear positioning and effective activities
  • Branding and brand positioning is first and foremost. Our customers must learn to know themselves, their DNA, before they convey their unique selling points to others in order to gain competitive edge.

When approached by potential clients who look to open a new hotel or resort, PaM++’s first reaction is to inform that marketing communications is easy, because it is the final stage of the entire execution plan.  Bu the core to success is branding in order to create clear identity and concept, in addition to the obvious selling points.  This method has helped PaM++ assist several small to medium sized hotels, resorts and restaurants fight alongside the larger brands, while assisting larger brands also learn to further strengthen their brand direction.

 “Key to ‘making a brand’ is to always set priority to understand the market and the target audiences.  Make it a habit to always creatively evolve, especially in this digital day and age.  Expand your horizons, explore the world.  For me, I live by that.  In addition to managing PaM++ and the team, I am also a travel and food blogger.”   Panasporn concluded.

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