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PATA Unveils ‘Kind Hearts’ Initiative at 2024 Summit in Macao

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is delighted to announce a new sustainability and social responsibility initiative for the Association’s in-person events, launched at the PATA Annual Summit 2024 (PAS 2024) in Macao, China, which took place from May 15-17. This initiative, named PATA Kind Hearts, underscores PATA’s commitment to advancing sustainable tourism development and positively impacting local communities in the destinations where the Assocation’s events are hosted.

Through the PATA Kind Hearts initiative, nearly 100 children’s books were donated to libraries of ICM – Instituto Cultural de Macau (Macao Cultural Institute). PAS 2024 delegates, speakers and staff participated by bringing one or more children’s books in various languages and genres, which were collected during the event. The donation to ICM was made on stage during the closing ceremony on May 17, by PATA CEO Noor Ahmad Hamid to Eric Fong, Vice Chairman, PATA Macau Chapter and Director of Marketing Department, Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. on behalf of ICM.

According to Noor, “The PATA Kind Hearts initiative was created to spread joy and nurture a love of literature among the children of Macao, China. It reflects our dedication to community engagement and support, with an emphasis on the development and well-being of the younger generation.” He added, “The book donations are intended not only as educational resources but, most importantly, as symbols of collective kindness.”

This crowdsourcing initiative leveraged the Association’s expansive network, including registered delegates, speakers, members, partners and chapters, uniting various stakeholders in a concerted effort to create positive changes.

Children stand at the forefront of the PATA Kind Hearts initiative. Beyond the immediate joy of receiving a book, this project aims to instil a lasting affection for reading and learning, enhancing literacy skills and supporting their holistic development. By including books that cater to children with special needs, the initiative promotes inclusivity, ensuring every child feels seen, valued and supported.

Together with offsetting PATA’s in-person events through supporting local carbon offset projects, the PATA Kind Hearts initiative is part of PATA’s efforts to foster sustainable development and make a tangible difference in the destinations that host PATA events.

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