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Pikachu Jet Takes Flight: ANA’s Pokémon Partnership!

The ANA Group joins the “Pokémon Air Adventure” program in collaboration with The Pokémon Company to celebrate the inaugural flight of the new “Pikachu Jet NH” direct from Tokyo to Bangkok. An ANA aircraft has been specially transformed into the all-new Pikachu Jet, complete with a spectacular Pokémon livery on the exterior and a Pikachu-themed designs through the interior, including themed cabin crew aprons and other in-flight amenities. In addition, exclusive commemorative gifts will be available for all Pikachu Jet passengers, making every flight a magical Pokémon-filled adventure infused with Japanese hospitality.

Mr. Seido Terasawa, General manager, Thailand, All Nippon Airways (ANA), gave a statement on the exciting partnership between ANA and The Pokémon Company: “We are both proud and honored to announce the debut flight of the “Pikachu Jet NH”, which will be flying from Tokyo (Haneda) to Bangkok on 4th June 2023. This partnership underscores ANA’s continued commitment to the Thai market as we seek to offer Thai passengers a unique experience at the highest quality. We look forward to welcoming passengers with limited edition Pokémon merchandise that will make their first flight a one-of-a-kind journey.”

The Pikachu Jet NH aircraft features an exclusive livery specially designed for ANA, in which the Legendary Sky High Pokémon Rayquaza appears on the entire fuselage to create an impressively striking visual. Fellow Pokémon Charizard, Latios, Latias, Vivillon, and Rowlet, together with other airborne Pokémon are present alongside Pikachu on the body of the plane, shining rays of hope and endless possibilities on an interconnected world full of wonder. Moreover, passengers flying on the Pikachu Jet NH will receive commemorative gifts such as Pikachu-adorned Kifuda (Japanese wooden tags), Pokémon stickers, and special Pokémon-themed boarding certificates. To tie the entire journey together, ANA will welcome passengers aboard with special boarding music that will bring the world of Pokémon to life.

The Pikachu Jet NH (Boeing 787-9) begins its service with ANA Flight 847 (from Haneda to Bangkok), it will be followed by ANA Flight 850 (from Bangkok to Haneda) on Sunday, 4th June 2023. It will operate from 4th June to 28th October 2023. The routes will cover various destinations around the world as follows (*subject to change due to changes in operations):

  • Haneda – Bangkok (NH847/NH850/NH849/NH848)
  • Haneda – Singapore (NH841/NH844/NH843/NH842)
  • Haneda – Jakarta (NH855/NH856)
  • Haneda – Manila (NH869/NH870)
  • Haneda – Ho Chi Minh City (NH891/NH892)
  • Haneda – Delhi (NH837/NH838)
  • Haneda – Sydney (NH879/NH880/NH889/NH890)
  • Haneda – Vancouver (NH116/NH115)
  • Haneda – Honolulu (NH186/NH185)

“With triple daily flights from Bangkok to Tokyo, ANA aims to expand its network to meet the demand for travel to and from Japan. Together with our wonderful Thai cabin crew on board, we look forward to providing the best of Japanese hospitality in the air and exploring different parts of Japan with our passengers.,” added Mr. Seido Terasawa.

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