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Pizza Company Unveils BiTE Menu for Solo Diners from 99 Baht

The Pizza Company dives deep into the insights of the new generation of consumers, embracing the Single Serve trend by launching the BiTE menu. This new offering provides an alternative for consumers who enjoy dining alone, making it convenient to eat anywhere and at any time, at an unbeatable price starting from just 99 baht*. Under the slogan ‘BiTE: Joy Everywhere, Delight in Every Bite’, this menu features crispy, aromatic dough, overflowing with stretchy cheese, and fillings that burst with every bite, freshly baked from The Pizza Company’s ovens with every serving. With four delicious flavours to choose from: BiTE Crazy CheesyBiTE HawaiianBiTE Seafood Paradise, and BiTE Black Truffle Bacon, the BiTE Box set offers great value, pairing the BiTE menu with popular snacks and a Coca-Cola, perfect for new-gen consumers who appreciate variety. This set is ideal for solo diners who want a complete meal in one package. It is anticipated that this new menu will boost sales and effectively capture the market of new generation consumers, reinforcing The Pizza Company’s position as a leading restaurant in Thailand. The BiTE menu is available through all of The Pizza Company’s channels, including delivery, takeaway, and in-restaurant dining. Service begins on 8 July 2024 at all branches of The Pizza Company and through delivery channels via The Pizza Company 1112 application, the website www.1112.com, or by calling 1112.

Patt Pongwittayapipat, General Manager of The Pizza Company; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; stated, “Throughout 2024, The Pizza Company is prepared to continuously offer new experiences to consumers while adapting to global trends and social currents. This approach aims to strengthen the brand and maintain its leadership in the restaurant market, reaching consumers across all groups and covering every region in Thailand. Given the ever-changing consumer behaviour, the trend over the past 1-2 years indicates that the lifestyle and eating habits of the new generation increasingly favour solo dining. This emerging market presents a significant opportunity for the food business. Consequently, The Pizza Company is advancing its marketing strategies to become more diverse and aligned with consumer lifestyles, leading to the creation of a new menu to cater to this demographic.

“Based on market research and consumer trends, The Pizza Company gained insights into the eating habits of the new generation. This led to the development of our latest menu item, conceived under the solo dining concept, named ‘BiTE’. With the slogan ‘Joy Everywhere, Delight in Every Bite’, this menu aims to reinforce brand recognition through a name that clearly conveys the product’s characteristics.This fresh innovation is presented in a unique form and appearance, designed for easier and more convenient consumption, ideal for solo diners. The menu’s highlight is its crispy crust, enhanced with the aroma of garlic oil and garlic Parmesan, combined with a rich filling of various ingredients and cheese. The BiTE is baked to achieve a crispy exterior, while the interior remains filled with a gooey, stretchy Mozzarella cheese, blended with top-quality seasonings and ingredients, creating an overflow of delicious filling. This gives the BiTE menu a distinctive and special taste experience.”

Each BiTE box contains two pieces, perfect for solo dining, starting at just 99 baht*. Additionally, there is a value set that pairs the BiTE with popular snacks and a Coca-Cola, providing a complete meal in one set. This can be ordered through all of The Pizza Company’s channels. For the launch of this new menu, the latest brand presenter, ‘Billkin’ Putthipong Assaratanakul, a talented singer and actor known for his bright and approachable image, aligns perfectly with the BiTE menu’s concept, which caters to the lifestyle of the new generation of consumers. He is ready to take everyone on a journey to experience the joy of BiTE – ‘Joy Everywhere, Delight in Every Bite’. We expect this menu to receive a positive response from consumers and aim to expand our solo dining customer base by 10%,” said Mr Patt.

The Pizza Company invites everyone to enjoy the BiTE experience, available in four flavours:

  • BiTE CRAZY CHEESY: Overflowing with high-quality cheese, including Mozzarella, American Cheddar, Cheddar, String Cheese, and Parmesan, packed to the brim in every corner, priced at just 99 baht*.
  • BiTE HAWAIIAN: A perennial favourite, filled with ham and bacon until bursting, combined with the sweet and tangy taste of pineapple and oozy Mozzarella cheese, almost spilling out. Enhanced with a special Thousand Island sauce, priced at just 129 baht.
  • BiTE SEAFOOD PARADISE: A must for true seafood lovers, featuring plump shrimp, imitation crab, large chunks of ham, and juicy pineapple, all packed tightly together with overflowing Mozzarella cheese. One bite is pure bliss, priced at just 149 baht.
  • BiTE BLACK TRUFFLE BACON: A premium flavour featuring black truffle, a top-quality ingredient that adds a fragrant note to every bite, complemented by oozing Mozzarella cheese and creamy mayonnaise, perfectly paired with aromatic bacon, ham, and mushrooms, priced at just 149 baht.

Additionally, the BiTE menu comes with a value set, the BiTE Box, starting at just 119 baht. This set pairs delicious BiTE items with popular snacks such as BBQ chicken wings, spicy chicken poppers, chicken sticks, crispy onion rings, and French fries, allowing you to enjoy a complete meal. Each set also includes a Coca-Cola, and you can enhance your experience with your choice of two dipping sauces: Truffle Mayo Dip and Cocktail Dip. The BiTE Box is available in six different sets, offering a complete solo meal. Enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

Experience the deliciousness of the BiTE menu along with the delight brought by ‘Billkin’ Putthipong Assaratanakul, the latest brand presenter for The Pizza Company. He invites you to try the new menu, starting at just 99 baht, and the value BiTE Box sets. These will be available from 8 July 2024 at all branches of The Pizza Company, or via delivery through The Pizza Company 1112 application, website www.1112.com, or by calling 1112.

For customers and those interested, you can follow the latest news and promotions from The Pizza Company through LINE: Thepizzacompany1112 and Facebook: The Pizza Company 1112.

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Note: The company reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

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