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Private sector proposes “Bangkok Sandbox” model

Thailand’s private sector is proposing a “Bangkok Sandbox” model, hoping for the re-opening of businesses, but with customers limited to vaccinated people.

According to Sanan Angubolkul, president of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the private sector has proposed three measures to reopen businesses, including standards such as SHA+ (SHA PLUS), promoting businesses following guidelines for Coronavirus protection and a 70% vaccination rate among staff. The Sha Plus model is currently being used in the Phuket Sandbox project.

The Second proposal is to use a Digital Health Pass for clients who are vaccinated; using the Public Health Ministry’s database; and accepting clients who can show the results of an ATK test, so that those who can do so, feel free to use the services of those businesses

The proposed “Digital Health Pass” can be used with vaccinated people whose details are recorded in the “Doctor Ready” or “Moh Prom” application, which applies to those who registered themselves for jabs provided by government.

The third proposal is to begin a pilot project in certain retail businesses which declare themselves ready for the re-opening, and are capable of strictly following the measures.

As for the industrial sector, the “Factory Sandbox” model is already in use to isolate infected workers, and vaccinate them to increase confidence in the export sector.

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