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RAKBANKERD Celebrates its 20th Anniversary Striving to become the leader of agricultural innovation under the concept “Creative Agriculture, Sustainable Happiness”

Rakbankerd Co., Ltd., a digital content creator and creative-sustainable business, has been representing agriculturists for the past 20 years, awakening appreciation for their homeland within the younger generations throughout the country. Rakbankerd fosters agricultural knowledge and provides the urbanites useful and inspiring updates on agriculture.

In 2021, Mr. Pirachai Bencharongkul, Managing Director of Rakbankerd Co., Ltd., states that: “The core of Rakbankerd is to support, invigorate and promote Thai agriculturists so that they are always updated with new knowledge and trends, as well as new marketing opportunities. Driven with inspiration and sharpened with digital innovations, we are dedicated to deliver international standard products and contribute to the sustainable enhancement of society and the environment. “

Rakbankerd was founded with a persistent commitment to cultivate appreciation and respect within the Thais of their homeland; to empower the younger generation to become innovators of a sustainable future. The company has regarded itself as a role model for agriculturists; popularizing creative organic agricultural ways; and increasing employment rate within the sector. Rakbankerd strives to promote sustainability under the concept “Creative Agriculture, Sustainable Happiness”, with 21 projects under the following ‘5 PROMOTES’:

  1.   Promote inspiration – Rakbankerd has compiled 21 inspiring stories of 21 innovative agriculturists who share their experiences and knowledge experimenting with new ways of agriculture.
  1. Promote networks and cultivate agriculturists. Rakbankerd is prepared to promote a model community of creative organic agriculture by hosting seminars and agricultural training sessions. “RAKBANKERD FAMILY CLUB” was also created to bring members, both agriculturalists and urbanities, closer together.
  2. Promote the increase in income – Rakbankerd aims to increase the community’s income through improved distribution from local farmers to consumers and quality selection of ingredients, fruits and vegetables, for example. Such qualified products are distributed through a borderless market operated via both online and offline platforms. This helps ensure that local farmers remain competitive despite the rapid change in purchasing habits since the pandemic.
  3. Promote communal and environmental activities – Rakbankerd invites everyone to embark on a journey along the green road of happiness. GREEN JOURNEY and GREEN ACADEMY events. Participants will be gifted with seasonal produce meticulously selected from all corners of Thailand.
  4. Promote food for a sustainable well-being – Rakbankerd proudly introduces a new online shopping experience. At “RAKBANKERD Selected Store”, you can explore a variety of healthy and organic produce, ranging from grade-A rice, coffee beans, to organic vegetables and fruits.

Mr. Pirachai Bencharongkul adds: “Our ‘5 PROMOTEs’ mission is congruous with the current health trends, especially for urbanites’ increasing demands for organic produce. This does lead to a potential increase in the growth rate of the organic market. In 2021, Rakbankerd aims to distribute more products from Thai agriculturists and sets a yearly goal to bring in income 30% higher than that of the year before. The company therefore encourages people to consume Thai organic produce so that we as a society contribute to helping Thai farmers earn a sustainable income”.

Moreover, Rakbankerd plays a role as a modern digital medium for agriculturists, which provides knowledge, information, news and updates on daily prices of agricultural products. By accessing the website, www.rakbankerd.com, and other social media platforms run by Rakbankerd, agriculturists are informed about the locations of where they can best sell their products. The corpus of agricultural knowledge provided in these platforms benefits everyone and anyone interested in agriculture and organic ways of life. The platforms present a variety of contents under a common concept to encourage producers and consumers to stay healthy together: “Eat Happily, Grow Creatively with Sustainable Happiness.”

Stay updated on news and activities from Rakbankerd at www.rakbankerd.com, www.facebook.com/rakbankerd, and IG: rakbankerd. We are also available for chats at Line@: @rakbankerd.

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