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Sangfor Technologies named in the Gartner’s Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ for Network Firewalls and receives AAA Rating from CyberRatings

Sangfor Technologies, a leading global vendor of IT infrastructure and security solutions, was named in Gartner’s Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’ for Network Firewalls. Peer Insights is an online platform of ratings and reviews for IT software and services that are written and read by IT professionals and technology decision-makers. The Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer research report evaluates and analyzes vendor reviews in the Network Firewalls market from 2020.

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a critical element of network security designed to provide granular control of network security functions such as inspecting incoming and outgoing traffic, application control and visibility, integration with endpoint protection and cloud threat intelligence. Sangfor Next-Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) is the world’s first NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) fully integrated with WAF (Web Application Firewall) and endpoint protection (Endpoint Secure). Sangfor NGAF is powered by the innovative malware detection and protection of Neural-X and Engine Zero providing 360-degree defense from new and unknown threats. With Sangfor Technologies’ NGFW, organizations will be:

  • Protected against advanced persistent threats (APT), malware (virus, ransomware) and web-based attacks
  • Isolated from potential emerging & new threats that have not been included in any security database, which is especially useful against 0-day attacks
  • Able to detect new unknown threats without any existing signatures, preventing attacks against your organization
  • Using real-time global threat intelligence
  • Able to apply virtual patching, while identifying weak passwords and hidden applications in all organizational assets

Sangfor Technologies’ achievements continue to accumulate as the brand recently achieved an AAA rating in CyberRatings.org’s 2021 Enterprise Firewall + SSL/TLS Product Ratings. The company provides the best-of-breed protection and efficiency, achieving the highest security effectiveness score at 99.7% amongst 11 leading global security vendors worldwide.

“We are pleased to be recognized by Gartner’s Peer Insights’ Voice of the Customer’ for Network Firewalls Report. This report and the platform itself are proof of our customers’ trust in our products and services,” said Jason Yuan, Sangfor VP for Product & Marketing. “In today’s time, security is becoming complex. Malicious traffic intermingling with legitimate traffic from authorized users puts the network knowingly or unknowingly at risk of attack. The need to have secured firewalls to conduct day-to-day operations without the fear of being hacked is why data protection should be the top priority for all companies. With our Next Generation Application Firewall, companies are protected against advanced persistent threats (APT), malware such as virus and ransomware, web-based attacks and much more,” he added.

In Thailand, Sangfor Technologies has been providing network security & cloud solutions for many years to many renowned customers, such as Ichitan Group PCL., Thai Mitsuwa PCL. and Rugby School Thailand.

Case Study: Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited

Bangkok Chain Hospital Public Company Limited (“BCH”) started as a hospital operator in 1984. Over the years, it continued to expand, and currently it is the leading operator in healthcare services and the largest service provider under the Social Security Scheme in Thailand. BCH operates twelve hospitals and one polyclinic, with over 2,245 registered beds to serve all types of patients under four hospital groups: World Medical Hospital, Kasemrad International Hospital, Kasemrad, and Karunvej Hospital.

However, with the rise of cyber threats such as Ransomware and its new variants in Asia, BCH was looking for a new cybersecurity solution that is intelligent and future-proof to upgrade its infrastructure. The hospital operator started using Sangfor Technologies’ next-generation firewall (NGAF) to protect their IT infrastructure and services. BCH found Sangfor NGAF’s high-performance with a fully integrated WAF, integrated AI-powered malware detection using Engine Zero, and cloud-based intelligence and analytic platform Neural-X very compelling.

The company uses 12 NGAFs across Thailand and neighboring countries. With Sangfor Technologies’ NGAF, BCH has achieved best-in-class security protection with an easy-to-use, converged security solution designed to protect organizations from internal, external, existing, and future threats.

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