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Sansiri affirms its leadership as Thailand’s First Digital Real Estate Developer with new ‘Sansiri Tech Forward’ vision to drive its innovation-led ambition

Sansiri affirms its leadership as Thailand’s First Digital Real Estate Developer with new ‘Sansiri Tech Forward’ vision to drive its innovation-led ambition Partnership with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ventures and Microsoft aiming at completing people’s living experience through iConvenience, iSafe and iGreen
Sansiri, Thailand’s First Digital Real Estate Developer, announced a new vision ‘Sansiri Tech Forward’ with an investment of 600 million Baht to leverage technology for its 2019 business operation. Focusing on AI, IoT and blockchain technologies, Sansiri entered into partnership with Amazon Web Services, Digital Ventures and Microsoft to create innovations to enhance and accomplish real estate value chain from the stage of project development, workforce productivity improvement, to expansion of service offerings to meet all aspects of resident’s living needs. The company is set to become an AI-First organization by 2020. For the first time in Thailand, Sansiri planned to launch show unit of Smart Home capable of learning the behavior of its dwellers and Virtual Sales Gallery simulating sales gallery of several residential projects in one single sales centre by the third quarter of 2019.

Dr. Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Chief Technology Officer, Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that “Over the past three years, Sansiri has raised the bar of Thai real estate industry by pioneering the implementation of living and property innovation and technology in its residential projects. This becomes a standard norm in the development of Sansiri property project today, affirming that we are truly the first digital real estate developer in Thailand with unwavering commitment to completing the living experience of residents through three technology pillars – iConvenience for living convenience, iSafe for safety and security of the property, and iGreen for energy conservation. These are gained through insightful understanding in the real needs of our residents taking into account human centric approach.”

In 2019, Sansiri planned an extensive technology enhancement through three key strategies. These are driving the business forward by leveraging AI, IoT and blockchain technologies for the development of product and service that brings better customer satisfaction; seeking partnership with leading local and global technology partners including Amazon Web Services, Digital Ventures and Microsoft, to jointly develop innovation for modern living and improvement of working productivity; and implementing digital operating and service platform where Sansiri employees are equipped with basic essential technological skills and ready to embrace new technology so that they are well-prepared to constantly deliver great customer experience.

“Today technology already becomes a key catalyst for change with wide range of impact. This year we focus on leveraging AI, IoT and blockchain to our three key technology strategies to enhance the development of product and service, and unlock the efficiency in our working process,” added Dr. Tawicha.

Sansiri’s product development stayed one step ahead of the competition with the upgrade of Home Automation to Smart Home by leveraging AI and IoT, which are capable of learning human behavior and offer more advanced convenience in resident’s living experience. The company is also currently conducting a feasibility study with Amazon Web Services in jointly developing innovation for modern living in the future. Show unit of Sansiri Smart Home will be launched by the third quarter of 2019.

Moreover, Sansiri continued to enliven the security standard of its properties by connecting them with Smart Command Centre to uplift the standard in managing property security and building engineering control, providing 24-hour peace of mind to residents in all 29 new horizontal residence and condominium projects to be developed in 2019. Sansiri also planned to expand its Green Mission by implementing water and energy consumption monitoring system with real time alert for unusual usage. Dust-Free House is planned to be launched this year to bring an exceptional level of well-being to all family members of residents.

Sansiri’s service development focused on delivering unique, memorable online customer by applying AI to learn consumer behavior and create personalized content to each individual customer. By the third quarter of 2019, the company also planned to launch Virtual Sales Gallery in the third quarter where customers can enjoy visiting simulated sales gallery of several projects in one single sales centre.
To unlock the efficiency in working process, Sansiri has fully implemented proptech in its entire value chain. The company has pioneered online construction management system where AI was applied to help explore and assess the potential of land plot before making purchase. BIM and Primavera were implemented for project management and construction planning from the stage of 3D model design, follow-up construction progress, and precisely calculate construction time and costs. Inspection Mobile Apps were applied to inspect the finished property and guarantee that all residential units are ‘zero defect’ before it is handed to the residents. Sansiri also partnered with Digital Ventures to implement Blockchain Solution for Procure-to-Pay (B2P) to make transactions with its partners and suppliers faster, more transparent and efficient. The company also partnered with Microsoft to create corporate culture to support fully digital organization, enhance working productivity and streamline working process in order to deliver high-quality services that quickly and directly respond to resident’s needs.

“With our robust technology strategies, Sansiri as Thailand’s First Digital Real Estate Developer will continue to set new industry standard while moving forward with our ‘Complete Your Living Experience’ philosophy to be achieved through proptech, throughout 2019 and for the years to come,” concluded Dr. Tawicha.

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