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Sansiri’s latest towering landmark THE MONUMENT THONG LO is ready to welcome residents Introducing Sansiri Luxury Collection, a portfolio of 22,000-million-baht luxury properties, to accentuate the company’s leadership in luxury and super-luxury segments

Sansiri announced the completion of THE MONUMENT THONG LO, a luxury condominium jointly developed with BTS Group Holding, the latest development in the Sansiri Luxury Collection, a collection series of one-of-a-kind super-luxury flagship and luxury projects in the exclusive Sansiri fashion. The aesthetics elements of the experience of extravagant living through expansive spaces of valuable living experience is reflected through the condominium’s vast space similar to single detached home with assured privacy. Taking the form of a monolith — an iconic shape that resonates with the world’s best known buildings, THE MONUMENT THONG LO is now 40% sold out, reflecting the hiking demand of its highly sought-after location of Thong Lor which has seen 200% increase in land price in the recent 3 years. The company also banked on Sansiri Luxury Collection, a portfolio of properties worth 22,000 baht, comprising 98 Wireless, BAAN SANSIRI PATTANAKARN, THE MONUMENT THONG LO and KHUN by yoo, to reinstate its leadership in luxury and super-luxury segments in embracing affluent customers in Thailand and international markets.

Piti Jarukamjorn, Executive Vice-President of Condominium Project Development and Strategic Project Management, Sansiri Public Company Limited said that “THE MONUMENT THONG LO offers an exclusivity of only 127 units, with a maximum of 4 units per floor, on an ample 2-rai land plot right on the main road of Thong Lor. The project is another luxurious condominium in the Sansiri Luxury Collection, which is our long-term strategy to penetrate luxury and super-luxury segments aiming at attracting affluent consumers who demand rare and valuable properties of the utmost quality in every single detain of the development, with marketing communication approach specially customized to meet particular lifestyle needs of these customers. The possession of these exemplary assets will be rewarded with elation and appreciated value in the future, as touted by ‘passion investment’ trend which is increasing popular among many high-net-worth individuals (HNWI).”

According to Knight Frank’s The Wealth Report 2019, the most popular asset classes in Knight Frank’s Luxury Investment Index (KFLII)), which includes wine, whisky, art, watch, jewelry, classic cars, stamp, coins, colored diamonds and furniture, recorded overall growth of 9% over twelve months. Real estate like land and condominium also recorded the same growth rate over time.

The limited number of luxury and super-luxury properties is a major factor that results in high price hike over time. The latest resell price of Baan Kai Mook, Sansiri’s first flagship condominium at Hua Hin, is 80 million baht, a sharp increase of 1000% from the original price of 7 million baht in 1988. Baan Sansiri Sukhumvit 67 is recently resold at 120 million baht, a 243% increase from 35 million baht sold 15 year ago. Our super-luxury flagship condominium, 98 Wireless, first introduced with a staring price of 550,000 baht per sqm. However, the latest resell price of 98 Wireless is now increasing to 45% in only two years. We are confident that THE MONUMENT THONG LO will bring an outstanding value addition to its owners in the future, just like other Sansiri’s luxury properties.”

“THE MONUMENT THONG LO sets itself apart from other projects of the same class in the nearby areas, with its unique development based on insightful understanding into the taste and preference of target customers, which include passion investors, descendants of old, noble and well-off families living in Thong Lor looking for a new home not too far from where their parents live and high net worth individuals in Thailand and Asia who prefer living in a vast home space while enjoying the convenience that condominium offers.”

“Thong Lo is notably the prime location of which the land price has seen a very sharp hike of 200% in the last three years, rocketing from 1 million baht per square wah to 2 million baht per square wah. THE MONUMENT THONG LO stands right on the highly sought-after land plot once located H1, hip urban community mall popular among affluent customers on Thong Lor, reflecting the notion of priceless legacy to be passed on from generation to generation as “The Monument to Generations” concept suggests. The monolith architecture emphasises minimalism while cleverly avoids having columns in the residential units to provide open and airy living spaces. The iconic design of the swimming pool comes with a sculptural form. The decoration of antiquated and priceless works of art from throughout the world, such as the chandeliers curated by Lasvit, Czech Republic’s leading designer and producer of glass sculptures and glassware, a pair of Murano gilded glass sculptures from Murano Island near Venice, Italy, and only four pairs of which exist in the world, along with furniture sourced from the world’s most prominent brands,” added Piti.

Sansiri Luxury Collection comprises four luxury and super-luxury properties – 98 Wireless, BAAN SANSIRI PATTANAKARN, THE MONUMENT THONG LO and KHUN by yoo. The project development concept of all projects is instilled in the four pillars of the unique philosophy – World-class/ Iconic Design, Finest Materials, Craftsmanship and Curated Services. Official launch of Sansiri Luxury Collection is set in the third quarter of 2019 in collaboration with world-class talented designers who have left their marks in residential and private residences developments all over the world, including Mary Fox Linton, Gert Voorjans, Lorenzo Castillo, Hutton Wilkinson and Philippe Starck, with their own distinctive signature styles, have created exclusive designs for special units in the properties for you to own and collect these priceless masterpieces that will undoubtedly appreciate with the advancing time.

THE MONUMENT THONG LO has evoked its experience in service excellence to answer the complete lifestyle needs of residents by a team of experts in luxury services. This is the first time in Thailand where the experts in different facets of the lifestyle, the “All-Suite Butlers” service, is made available to provide full services as if there is a personal hotelier present at the condominium. These experts have passed the courses at “British Butler Institute” through “Nai Lert Butler”, including the Director of Living who will look after the home needs of residents, Butler Concierge who will look after lifestyle services particularly for people living in this posh Thong Lo area, such as the Navigator/Shuttle service with chauffeur, Mixologist recruited from a famed Thong Lo bar who can concoct your special drinks, Romanceologist an expert in fragrance who can provide suggestions on the aesthetics of fragrance for your unit, Healthologist is a health trainer who can provide the proper advice on exercise machines, and last but not least, the PLUS Property team who has been looking after resident/clients for over 20 years, with five years’ experience in looking after clients in the luxury segment. Also available is limousine service for the entire family and valet parking.

“Today THE MONUMENT THONG LO is ready to welcome all residents. The project is now 40% sold out, including the penthouse unit worth 200 million baht. We anticipate that the property will be completely sold out in 2020,” added Piti.

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