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Shoplus integrates with KBank to make verifying social commerce payments easier

Shoplus is helping social commerce sellers improve payment acceptance and reduce fraud by integrating with KBank to automate verification and track completed payments using AI (artificial intelligence) and KBank’s Slip Verification API. The newly introduced solution helps sellers automate transaction verification on the Shoplus platform while also keeping track of sales.

As more large-scale retailers move to live commerce and use Facebook as an additional sales channel, the need for digital payments has increased. In Thailand, orders on social commerce grew by 173% in 2020, while GMV increased by 212%. Until now sellers have has to check each payment manually by going through the details of each bank transfer slip, but by integrating KBank’s Slip Verification API they will now be able to automatically verify the payment slips that have been made.

“Simplifying the check-out process is a really important addition to the Shoplus experience, and one that has been requested by our sellers. Being able to efficiently check payment slips will help eradicate ‘fake’ payments and reduce fraud, and automating the process frees up time for businesses to focus on providing great customer service. Integrating with KBank APIwill improve the sales process and help our sellers sell more product and serve more customers.  The whole process will be easier for both buyers and sellers, and brings peace of mind to everyone knowing that the sale has been complete,” said Kimmy Chen, General Manager, Shoplus.

Buyers can make paymentsfrom any mobile banking app. Once buyers complete the payment, they can then send a transaction slip to the seller for verification of payment. This was previously done manually, but now Shoplus’ AI is able to automatically verify the payment with the integration with KBank’s Slip Verification API This process makes the payment process more efficient and more secure.

The addition of the payment slip verification system will help sellers check when payments have been made, and more accurately verify that the payment is genuine.

Shoplus is an AI-powered social selling service that combines live streaming and order management to allow businesses to host live-selling events directly from their store Facebook page. During the live sale, Shoplus AI technology processes orders in the background, taking care of payments, delivery details, and fulfillment, improving operational efficiencies for business owners, especially when selling high volumes of product.

Shoplus recently added a Social CRM tool for social business sellers to improve customer retention, boost sales and make managing your business more efficient. Using Shoplus Social CRM sellers can send broadcast messages to their followers, segment customers based on their buying history, and manage sponsored messages and remarketing ads to customers.

“Social commerce is a fast-developing area and an increasing number of large scale retailers are seeing the value in being able to build direct relationships with their customers, and add a new important sales channel. At Shoplus we continually improve our product and add new features to meet developing demands, and this latest payment efficiency will make a real impact on the performance of our partner businesses,” added Chen.

Shoplus AI-Starter package and Shoplus AI-Master package are available as part of Shoplus annual subscription to Shoplus services that includes unlimited order processing, use of Shoplus Order Management System, Chatbot Automation and Facebook live selling.

Shoplus is available for Android, iOS users and desktop.

You can learn more about Shoplus services at https://www.shoplus.me/th/

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